Top 10 digital health startups from CES 2023

Digital health encapsulates everything from wearable devices and telemedicine, to mobile health and personalised healthcare. With continued labour shortages, clinician burnout at a record high and healthcare strikes continuing into 2023, startups that utilise technology will be one step closer to addressing these challenges.

Much like 2022, digital healthtech and wellbeing startups were in abundance at CES this year. We’ve rounded up the top 10 digital health startups from CES 2023, set to shake up the industry.

Electronic Specifier’s Managing Editor, Paige West commented: “From smart glasses that assisted the visually impaired, to a bed that measured your vital signs while you slept, the innovations in this sector were very impressive.

“Technology is improving our lives in so many ways and it was exciting to see what potential products and services are being developed in this sector.”


Injectpower’s mini batteries enable the development of smart implantable devices with autonomous power. Its wirelessly rechargeable solid-state batteries are designed for decades of operation, for a range of applications. These include in-vivo continuous monitoring of chronic disease markers, and short-term vital signs tracking during surgery. This makes Injectpower more than a battery, but instead an enabler for true digital health.


Sending biological samples to a lab and waiting for the results is a problem the health industry has been trying to solve for years.

Deeptech startup ADMIR is developing a spectroscopic infrared imaging system and an associated machine learning software suite to speed up the analysis. It helps doctors and biologists to accelerate and enhance the analysis and workflow, making them faster and more reliable.

ADMIR instrument is a tool for analysis to accelerate and secure the diagnosis, and a great research tool. It opens a brand-new route towards tissue or cell analysis for cancer diagnosis or further biomedical applications offering an approach without any reagents, stains and biomarkers.


Did someone say robotics for rehabilitation? Biomotum is building intelligent and intuitive robotic exoskeletons to address the rapidly increasing number of people with poor health due to difficulty walking. Its connected, wearable systems combine the benefits of advanced assistive technology with a way to deliver mobility assistance and treatment anytime, anywhere.

Abys Medical

Abys Medical develops innovative solutions to streamline the surgical care management workflow based on disruptive technologies for hospitals and clinics’ surgeons with the vision of a game changer.

Abys Medical has created a holistic solution for surgeons natively structured with cloud technologies, to make them beneficial to all healthcare system stakeholders,

The startup released the first surgical decision-making software suite out of the metaverse to improve clinical outcomes.


Sm24 is a wearable non-invasive continuous glucose monitoring for health, medical and sport applications. It monitors through a user’s sweat, providing glucose, lactic and hydration readings which are linked to an AI enabled app. It can tell the user what zones to train in, when to hydrate and when to fuel, acting as your fitness monitor.


CatchPad is an interactive exercise platform on a mission to get people of all ages to move and to provide versatile solutions to enhance human performance.

Unlike traditional activities, CatchPad uses advanced platform that technology-enabled and continually adapts workouts so they’re most effective and enjoyable.

It offers pads with connectivity and multisensory stimulation with light, sound and vibration that directs users’ activites.


Selected as a CES 2023 Innovation Award Honoree, Pixsee’s team is dedicated to joining charm, user experience and craftmanship into unprecedented experiences.

Pixsee is a smart baby camera providing a high-tech childrearing experience through AI detection, smart capture and growth documentation, so you can capture the most precious memories forever.

Pixsee’s smart detection technology and advanced algorithms will track and detect your baby’s facial expressions and sweet interactions with the family.


The premise of Nostics is providing accessible technology that has a global impact, which is the gateway to modern medicine.

Nostics’ aim is to provide that gateway, being the world’s smallest portable bacteria identification lab, bringing instant and reliable testing for viruses and bacteria to every corner of the world. This will not only improve the lives of millions of people, but also create a global monitoring system to provide insight into the spread of infectious diseases, generate valuable data and act as an early warning system for the world.


Believing that independence is a basic human right instead of a luxurt, Straptech is on a mission to change the autonomy of millions around the world. Straptech allows wearable autonomy, so users can rediscover every step.

Straptech’s Ara is a smart device developed for the blind and visually impaired to move faster and safer in their everyday.

Learn more about Straptech here.


I-Percut: the technology that revolutionises the boxing workout, whether you’re a professional or amateur.

I-Percut’s I-Perskin is the world’s only smart punching bag cover, designed for performance. I-Perskin transforms a punching bag into a boxing analysis tool, turning the punching bag interactive so it can guide you through your exercises. It displays luminous targets and is equipped with ultrasensitive sensors.

The goal is to enrich its programmes by allowing boxers and athletes to create signature exercises which will be shared within the community.