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A new kind of wearable. It doesn’t track your steps, or how many calories you’ve burned in a day. Nor does it analyse your sleep cycles and record your workouts. This wearable analyses something else, your posture.

The UpRight is a posture trainer that does not only read your posture when sitting, but also rectifies it by providing real time biofeedback.Your back posture has a knock-on effect across your bodily functions, and when your posture is poor, this has negative repercussions from decreased lung capacity, increased blood pressure, decreased digestive function, back pain and decreased bone density.

The UpRight sensor affixes to the user’s back via single-use adhesives and vibrates when it senses the user has slacked from a good postural position, to remind them to adjust accordingly. The vibration and sensitivity levels can be manually adjusted on the UpRight app, allowing the user to choose how strict they want their posture training to be.

The app has tutorials on correct posture and how to use the UpRight sensor properly, as well as an easy to understand infographic displaying the user’s training progress and history.

The UpRight sensor can be worn for a length of time at the user’s discretion, but UpRight suggest wearing it for 15 minutes to an hour every day. The Upright training programmes gradually train core muscles and build muscle memory.

“UpRight’s training is built on Skinner’s theory of operant conditioning negative reinforcement, which explains that a behaviour is strengthened by removing an aversive stimulus. In UpRight’s case, the vibration is the aversive stimulus. Skinner’s theory explains why UpRight’s training is almost entirely subconscious and trains you to naturally improve your posture gradually,” UpRight explain.

Startup Details

Startup Details


Upright Technologies

UPRIGHT Technologies Ltd. is the world leader in wearable posture trainers. UPRIGHT attaches directly to your lower and upper back and gently vibrates every time you slouch. It provides accurate, real-time posture feedback while sitting, standing, walking and even driving training you to sit upright and forming good posture habits in less than 2-3 weeks.

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