STACCS strikes licensing deal with Cherry Red Records

Swedish tech startup, Staccs, has agreed a licensing deal with Cherry Red Records - a London-based independent record label - for its streaming service for concert video and music documentaries

Launched in the Nordics and the Baltic states last year, Staccs provides fans the opportunity to relive their favourite concerts, on demand, advert free - and in the highest quality possible. Built upon a user-centric model, this new deal provides Staccs the rights to stream in the UK, Scandinavia and the Baltic states. The new home for concerts on demand, Staccs presents a fresh commercial opportunity for the music industry.

This agreement means that access to music content from the Cherry Red Records archives will be made available for the streaming platform. Material such as documentaries, concerts and extensive interviews will be brought back for fans to rediscover and enjoy. Fans can expect programming from predominantly rock, punk and metal artists from across the world. Acts such as Black Flag, U.K. Subs, Marc Almond, The Exploited, The Gun Club and Nuclear Assault, as well as many others, will form the basis of the majority of the content.

The structure of the deal reflects Staccs’ user-centric model which will favour Cherry Red Records for royalty payments. This model directly correlates all potential earnings to the content the fan engages with. It divides each fan’s subscription fee only between the rights holders for the video content they’ve watched, rather than the traditional pay-per-play models used by other services which sees subscription fees divided up by overall streams on the entire platform. This further illustrates the commercial opportunity available for rights holders by working with Staccs - who can all benefit from this unique revenue share model.

The agreement also encompasses European territory rights. It allows Staccs the rights to stream this content in the UK, Scandinavia and the Baltic states - which will support the future market expansion plans Staccs is gearing towards.

Anders Tullgren, Chief Executive Officer of Staccs, said: “This deal we have secured allows us to provide even more exceptional and memorable music programming for fans as we continue to build the world’s greatest concert catalogue in history. The industry is taking notice of the unique commercial opportunity we are providing with our user-centric model. It’s something that can truly benefit rights holders. We are looking forward to working closely with Cherry Red Records to identify special content that can be brought back for fans to enjoy, over and over again.”

Matt Bristow, Director at Cherry Red Records, added: “At Cherry Red Records, we are always looking for new ways to exploit our rich audio-visual catalogue, and once we began talking to Staccs we could undoubtedly see that the service was one that we wanted our material to be a part of! They already have a great platform, some excellent audio-visual music content, and we look forward to seeing our unique collection of concert and documentary films take a place in their offering as they continue to expand across the globe.”

Having launched last year, Staccs is building a concert catalogue, which streams video and audio content to a premium standard.

The streaming service is available for any device and screen size, allowing the fan to watch on the go, in any format, whether it be on a mobile device, or in the comfort of their home synced up to a web browser. Details of a UK launch will be shared later.

The new home for concerts on demand, Staccs is set to offer music fans the opportunity to relive their favourite concert moments.

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Staccs specialises in live concerts, music documentaries and streaming services.

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