Squarespace launches Fluid Engine, a next-gen website design system

Squarespace, the all-in-one website building and ecommerce platform, has announced the launch of Fluid Engine, a next-gen website design system that reimagines drag-and-drop technology for a truly customizable, fast, and easy website design experience for desktop and mobile. 

“We are very excited to officially launch Fluid Engine, an incredibly powerful and versatile evolution of our page editing system,” said Anthony Casalena, CEO & Founder of Squarespace.

“Fluid Engine improves both the usability and expressibility of our system, making it possible for more of our customers to access a wider variety of designs. Whether you are a professional designer building on Squarespace or just starting out, Fluid Engine helps our customers achieve a variety of fantastic design outcomes without having to resort to custom code.” 

With Fluid Engine, customers unlock what we call Unbreakable Creativity – the ability to push creative boundaries in web design with confidence. The reimagined design system provides users the maximum freedom to easily play, experiment, and stretch creative limits through an unrestricted canvas, but the canvas is also guided by an advanced smart grid to ensure quality results.

The system provides just enough design guidance to make a website look great without limiting creativity. With a highly intuitive, fluid, and agile website editing experience, anyone – whether beginner or pro – can achieve the unique and professional design results that allow them to stand out and succeed online. It is powerful enough to be used by the most creative professionals in web design, while also easy-to-use for beginners.

Key features: 

Fluid Engine offers ground-breaking web design through an array of new functionalities and customization options, including: 

  • Easier Customisation and Creative Expression. A modern design system that gives users creative freedom and flexibility with design guidance through an advanced drag-and-drop smart grid. 
  • Placement Precision. A new level of control when arranging content within page layouts. You can control all aspects of layering, alignment, full bleed positioning, and more. 
  • More Control Over Your Mobile Website. A smart grid specifically designed for mobile view that helps users create bespoke designs to optimize mobile experience.
  • Design Efficiency. Intelligent, responsive functionality to help users get their envisioned design results faster and more easily.

With a growing share of global traffic on mobile, a better mobile website design and experience makes a significant impact on brand trust, credibility, and increased visitor engagement – translating to more sales and success online. Recognizing the need for customizable mobile experiences, Fluid Engine makes it possible to easily design bespoke mobile landing experiences independently from a website desktop experience. 

“Fluid Engine is the most design-forward, yet simple and fast way to build a website,” added Paul Gubbay, Chief Product Officer at Squarespace. “With millions of people creating business and personal brands online, we have created a simplified solution – it’s as easy as building a presentation and the output is incredible.”

While Squaresapce’s beautifully designed templates and staged layout options will remain available, users will have access to a whole new editing paradigm to explore through Fluid Engine. Paired with other newly released design tools – including a motion-based scrolling block, curated font packs and colour palettes, custom button styles, and more – the range of online styling possibilities has grown significantly to reinforce anyone's creative vision.  

Fluid Engine is now available on Squarespace 7.1 in English, with plans to roll out in other supported languages beginning this fall.