Self-build list portal launches to support SMEs

A Yorkshire businessman has launched a business-to-business data sales company, aimed at supporting small businesses with their marketing data. can gather large volumes of quality contact data at speed and at an unrivalled price point.


The company behind the innovative solution is a start-up business launched by Yorkshire businessman Paul Smith. was created after more than 2,000 hours of development work by one of the UK’s top digital agencies.

Users can get started by following a simple three-step process that allows them to build their own contact lists in seconds. They select a business sector, browse a map to select the county of interest and then complete their purchase.

The price of the quality data list is typically available from eight pence per contact and so is up to 95% cheaper than rivals such as Credit Safe and Experian.

For example, businesses looking for contact details of architects in West Yorkshire, there are more than 400 available and the list costs around £120. Once the purchase is complete, the data is sent directly to an email inbox in a user-friendly format and can be used within 30 seconds of receipt.

The platform’s director Lewis Smith said: “The whole point of this is to be a disrupter in the market and to give people with small businesses an opportunity to purchase data in specific areas and sectors for a price point that was previously unachievable.

“We are already getting repeat orders on data requests from our customers, and this is because of the system’s ease of use and the quality of the data being provided. It is a completely new way to gather data which makes it accessible to everyone.

“Another huge benefit is that the process is 100% automated from end to end so our customers have no interaction with salespeople.”

This powerful contact-generating engine helps organisations to build business-to-business data lists to drive their sales activities.

The platform currently holds more than two million contacts across more than 100 business genres from accountants to zoos. All the data provided has undergone rigorous quality checks and all the contacts are GDPR accredited too.

The data platform is constantly adding new contacts to its engine and within the next year it will be stocked with three million contact records.