Searches for ‘how to be happy at work’ rise by 163%

Ahead of International Day of Happiness 2023, feel-good PR agency Lem-uhn reveals that searches for ‘how to be happy at work’ soared by 163% between December and February. With the UK in the midst of an economic downturn and a cost of living crisis, Lem-uhn believes that happiness at work is now even more of a priority to people. 

In light of the recent UK-wide four-day working week trial, a better work-life balance remains a top priority for many Brits. From December to February of this year searches for ‘work-life balance’ rose by 192%. There was also a 300% increase in searches for ‘how to avoid burnout’ between February 2022 and February 2023. 

As global economic factors like the aftermath of the pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine War continue to have an impact around the world, the growing trend for finding happiness at work isn’t just confined to the UK. Shockingly, recent studies have highlighted that almost half of the world’s workers (44%) feel the burden of stress daily. 

Lem-uhn analysed search data to reveal that the UK is the seventh country searching the most for ‘how to be happy at work’ suggesting Brits are feeling the bite of unhappy workplaces. The top three countries searching are the Philipines, the United States and Vietnam.

The top countries searching the most for ‘how to be happy at work’:


Launched in 2021, Lem-uhn was created as an alternative type of PR agency which prioritises happiness for both employees and clients. Employees work their set hours only and also benefit from a range of health and well-being initiatives which include two Wellness Days and 10 days of paid leave per year for menstruation, menopause discomfort or in the event of a miscarriage.

Founder and Managing Director of Lem-uhn, Riannon Palmer commented: “In the run-up to this year’s International Day of Happiness it’s sad to see that so many people are seeking out ways to feel happier at work. The average person will spend over 81,000 hours of their life working so it is therefore so important to find a career and workplace which leave you feeling fulfilled. Since I launched Lem-uhn this has been a key priority for me and almost two years on, I remain committed to creating a genuinely happier type of PR agency. These new findings show just how many businesses need to make happiness a priority and in addition, companies need to be willing to step up their well-being strategies to help keep their staff feeling engaged.”