Rockwater launches corporate offering for teams looking for a unique summer party

Rockwater – the idyllic lifestyle hub in Hove – has launched its new corporate hospitality offering with a unique and diverse range of activities for corporate teams to embrace exclusive seaside celebrations this summer.

From engaging experiences like Sip & Paint and craft workshops to thrilling events like yoga while paddle boarding and vibrant salsa classes, there's something for everyone.

Business teams can arrange laughter-filled comedy shows or groove to sunset DJ sets on the Rockwater roof terrace, all complemented by bespoke event décor tailored to chosen themes. 

On the catering front, Rockwater is offering delectable canapés, light-bite bowls, pizzas, and cocktail sharers, accompanied by a custom drinks reception with a custom selection of beverages. Rockwater can accommodate groups of all sizes and preferences for the perfect personalised corporate summer celebration.

With a variety of beautiful spaces and new packages available, impress colleagues, clients, and friends alike. Contact Rockwater’s fabulous events team today for a fresh approach to the corporate summer party.

SUP Yoga

Get ready to embark on an extraordinary adventure harmonizing yoga and stand-up paddle boarding with our exhilarating SUP Yoga classes! Located in the serene waters of the Hove seafront, the sessions are led by yoga practitioner Nicole, who is renowned for her exceptional SUP classes.

Immerse in the beauty of nature with a paddleboard excursion to our captivating group float. Once connected, Nicole will skillfully guide the team through a gentle yoga flow, relaxation techniques, and soothing meditation.

Engaging in SUP Yoga sessions as a corporate team provides a remarkable opportunity to enhance communication, trust, and collaboration, as participants navigate the paddleboards together and find balance through yoga, resulting in improved team dynamics and a renewed sense of unity.

Sip & Paint

Sip & Paint is more than just an art class; it's an opportunity for corporate teams to tap into their creativity while strengthening their bonds.

Under the skilled guidance of Maureen Wells, teams can embark on a captivating artistic journey, exploring different painting techniques and bringing unique visions to life on canvas. Whether an experienced artist or a complete beginner, this event is designed to be inclusive and engaging for all skill levels.

This immersive artistic experience encourages collaboration, communication, and shared creativity, fostering a sense of unity and harmony within the team. Working side by side, team members will have the opportunity to appreciate each other's unique perspectives and talents, building trust and camaraderie.

Salsa Dancing

Salsa dancing offers numerous benefits for corporate work teams that go beyond just the dance itself. This lively dance, with its spins, turns, and dips, brings together a fusion of Latin and Afro-Caribbean influences. Participating in salsa classes guarantees a mood-lifting experience, leaving participants energized and wearing a smile. The infectious music continues to resonate, even after the class ends.

Led by the talented Carola Degener-Pereira, salsa dancing at Rockwater becomes even more accessible to beginners. Carola, who has been teaching dance since 1987, brings her expertise to guide participants through the combinations of six steps danced to an eight-count rhythm. The simplicity of these foundational steps allows newcomers to swiftly grasp the fundamentals and embark on their salsa journey with confidence.

Beyond its captivating moves and rhythms, salsa cultivates a sense of unity, encouraging seamless teamwork, open communication, and impeccable coordination. The shared journey of mastering salsa creates an unbreakable bond, forging connections and fostering a spirit of collaboration and camaraderie among team members. Embrace the vibrant world of salsa and witness how it breathes new life into your workplace, fostering a culture of togetherness and shared experiences.