The rise of AMP emails & why marketers should pay close attention

Budgeting for 2023 will be one of the most daunting tasks marketers will face this year. This is due, in part, to the current economic climate. Marketers around the world are planning for next year knowing that they will have to reduce their budgets.

The percentage of revenue spent on marketing grew by 9.5% in 2022. However, this growth will most likely shrink to 5.2%.

How will frugal marketers spend their reduced 2023 budgets? Theres one area that has consistently proven to be cheap and profitable. Thats email marketing. With £35.41 for every £1 spent, the ROI is pretty impressive, and it only lags slightly behind paid ads and organic traffic. This proves that email marketing is extremely profitable.

So, what can brands do to squeeze more juice out of their emails? Here enters the new star of the show, Interactive emails (AMP). Interactive emails allow users to stay in their inboxes, reduce the number of clicks needed for crucial actions and increase conversion rates of emails.

What exactly is AMP (Interactive Email)?

In a nutshell, AMP emails provide a web page-like experience in the email. Subscribers can interact with elements within the email, forms can be filled, and product reviews can be left instantly. All of this, without ever leaving their inboxes. The best part is that AMP interactive emails are a relatively new technology, so it offers brands the chance to jump ahead of their rivals and offers a level of personalisation not seen before. Also, AMP emails are supported by Gmail and Yahoo and the list of email client support is growing.

How AMP in driving sales and engagement

  • 85% increase in abandoned cart recovery
  • 1050% higher NPS response rate
  • 200% reduced cost per lead
  • 495% higher CTR for surveys and product reviews

This all sounds good but, what can users do with it?

In E-commerce

E-commerce brands can use AMP for emails to deliver checkout options within the email itself. Users can make the purchase directly from their inbox., without ever visiting your site and getting distracted. Amazing right? Theres more; AMP emails give the user the option to select product variations for example; colour, size and quantity, and complete the checkout process until the payment processing part. At that point, they would land on the webpage. AMP can also entice users to complete their abandoned carts by making it easy to continue through their email. Users can also track their orders using the shipping confirmation email, which is updated dynamically. This means that they can see their order status without clicking and confirming their tracking info. In short, live tracking happens right inside the email.

In Finance

In the finance world, AMP emails allow users to complete forms within an email and calculate the loan details. They do this by simply filling in the required loan amount and loan duration. SaaS businesses can also use this feature to allow users to compare packages, for example.

Leisure And Food Industry

The great thing about AMP emails is that it offers users the ability to check the availability of flight tickets and hotel rooms. They can even book restaurant reservations through their email. Essentially, this allows any sector that works with a booking system to build booking functions within their emails.

Event Invitations

The events industry can also benefit from AMP by giving recipients the ability to RSVP directly in an email invite. This will help increase attendee numbers as its a quick and seamless process with only one step needed and no further website clicks.

Polling and Surveys

With AMP emails, brands can poll and survey their audience directly through email. This makes it great for NPS scoring, feedback and reviews, as users can leave reviews from their email. This should help increase the conversion rate of reviews and participation numbers of NPS emails.

For instance, YourStory, a popular content, connections, and communications platform in India, saw a 5.5X increase in conversions to register for their event, which contributed 85% to the overall conversion rate with the help of AMP emails. With numbers like these, its no surprise that AMP email is driving big brands to be early adopters.