Research reveals the best colour for your tech startup logo

Have you ever wondered why certain colours are synonymous with specific brand logos? Or why do we instantly recognise the yellow arches which have placed themselves in over 60% of countries worldwide? It’s all to do with psychology.

Online printing company, Solopress, have analysed which colours dominate best-performing brands across the food, drink, finance, tech and fashion industries, combined with a review of the most successful brands of all time. The full findings are available here.

Blue tops the list as the best-performing brand colour of all time 

Blue can be consistently seen as a popular choice in each of the food, drink, finance, tech and fashion industries. It features in 31% of the most successful brands of all time and particularly dominates the tech and finance industries.

Red follows shortly behind in second place as it features in 24% of the most successful brands of all time. It specifically dominates the food and drink industries. Purple places as the worst-performing colour to have in your logo according to the Solopress study. 

These are the colours that feature in the logos of the most successful brands of all time:


Red and blue impact our purchasing decisions in completely different ways

The research uncovered how red and blue impact our purchasing decisions and what it does to our physiology. 

For people on a shopping spree, red is the colour that drives us into action, get us to act faster and even makes us more impulsive. Red has also been proven to increase our appetite, blood pressure and even our heart rate.

Conversely, blue affects us in very different ways. According to neuromarketing expert Katie Hart, they encourage “feelings of security, stability and reliability… Blue is also known to calm us down and reduce our impulsive tendencies, lowering our heart rate too.” 

Black is the most popular colour in the fashion industry with 44% of the best-performing logos containing this colour. Suggesting strength, dominance and power, black is particularly a popular choice among high-value brands.

The power of colour 

Working with Solopress, neuromarketing expert, Katie Hart states: “Brands which align their colours with key emotional states they want to trigger, harness the power of colour perception to their advantage. 

“The experience of perceiving colour can change our physiological state, mood and likelihood to act therefore influencing our purchasing decisions.”