Prioritise strengthening security to limit cyberattacks

Businesses are unintentionally expanding their threat surface as hybrid working becomes the norm and more organisations migrate to cloud services.

With cybercrime methods constantly becoming more sophisticated, business leaders need to always be one step ahead. A key way to do this is to focus on strengthening the endpoint with solutions/services such as detection and response (EDR) according to Kyocera UK.

According to Crowdstrike, intrusive campaigns have increased by 50% in the past year, with targeted threats jumping from 14% to 18%. This includes cyberattacks such as ransomware and phishing. While there is no silver bullet that renders a business invulnerable to threats, implementing the right managed security services, as part of a comprehensive security strategy, can provide the skills and insights to prevent, detect, block and contain attacks.

Andrew Smith, Chief Information & Security Office (CISO) at Kyocera UK said: “While it’s important to celebrate how quickly technology has evolved in recent years, we also need to appreciate that it is not always used for good. We are expanding our security solutions and services to help organisations prevent breaches.

“This includes a suite of managed cybersecurity solutions, including M-EDR, which builds on state-of-the-art EDR technology coupled with our leading skills to providing real-time visibility. Our in-depth security knowledge and service capabilities within our managed security team means we are best placed to reduce your business risk and enhance your overall security posture.”

Luke Ambrose, Product Marketing Manager, Kyocera Document Solutions (UK) concluded: “We have seen a constant rise in threats. Businesses should be on their guard and prepare to manage attacks with combination of cybersecurity expertise, technology, machine learning and AI. If organisations have any cyber blind spots, we can deliver tailored support that ensures their defences are in the best possible shape.”