Pathmonk receives €1.5m for increasing conversion rates on websites

Dusseldorf-based startup Pathmonk has closed a seed investment round to boost its next-gen AI website conversion platform for marketers.

The €1.5m investment round was led by TechVision Fonds and was completed by serial entrepreneur Carsten Lebtig (CEO and founder WorkMotion).

This investment round serves to fuel Pathmonk’s growth trajectory and its mission to power up websites with AI tools. Pathmonk helps companies to get more conversions from their website by applying behaviour analysis on the visitors to increase leads captured and revenue generation.

Key factor ‘Buyer's Journey’

Website traffic is simply not converting into revenue [98%] while online advertising budgets were spent without the expected revenue uplift.

In order to tackle the problem, Pathmonk has developed an innovative SaaS (Software as a Service) platform with different products for websites to increase conversion rates and qualify leads.

Pathmonk's solution can be integrated into any existing website immediately and effortlessly. The AI powered platform analyses entirely cookieless navigation data and activities of website visitors and translates the behaviour into the different stages of the buyer's journey. This provides the website operator with transparency about the performance of the website and concrete indications as to why website visitors may not be converting.

Based on the classification of the visitor, into the different buyer's journey stages, Pathmonk provides the website operator with tools, such as so-called micro-experiences individually for each visitor, to increase the conversion rate. The products promise an increase of the website conversion rate of 50% on average.

The cookieless technology makes it possible to retarget former website visitors to bring back potential customers. The retargeting is primarily aimed at companies that sell their software solutions via their own website, agencies and soon e-commerce customers. In the future the product portfolio for marketers will be completed by launching a product to neutralise the carbon footprint of websites based on the number of actual visitors.

Current investment round reflects Pathmonk’s traction and market position

“With recent privacy changes, bans from Google Analytics across several European countries and the impending Cookie restrictions applying in the upcoming months, Pathmonk finds itself in a unique market position. Their solution is entirely cookieless and is aimed at helping businesses generate revenue from their website traffic. This funding answers the existing demand for Pathmonk’s technologies and enables for rapid expansion to satisfy the market needs”, says Bjorn Lang, Principal at TechVision Fonds.

Founding team with Startup experience

Pathmonk was founded in 2021 by Lukas Haensch and Rayco Batista Diaz. Initially the team was in the batch of Y-Combinator Startup School in California. There, the team developed their initial idea of Pathmonk. They further developed this concept into a runnable prototype in the startup program of Digihub Dusseldorf. Having brought Pathmonk to market readiness through bootstrapping, the team is now looking to accelerate its growth.

Co-Founder Lukas Haensch highlights the ambitious goals for the future: “Our key goal is to become the household name for website conversions in the cookieless world. Marketers are already searching for ways to puzzle together their first-party data strategies with the cookie apocalypse on the horizon.”

Rayco Batista Diaz adds: “Marketers across small and large organisations continue to have the same goal in mind: generating more revenue from their website traffic. Now Pathmonk can accurately deliver that: higher website conversions and super-efficient retargeting without the need for cookies at all.”

As marketers aim to drive conversions and enhance the customer buying journey with Pathmonk, they have an AI powered tool at hand to drive revenue from their websites. With this, Pathmonk has established itself as a thought leader in the space of digital buying journeys.

Co-Founder Rayco Batista Diaz adds: “We are just at the very beginning of our mission as a company, and we are experiencing a tremendous momentum. This partnership with TechVision Fonds and Carsten Lebtig sets a milestone in our journey and will accelerate our plans exponentially. We are very excited for the upcoming months.”

Pascal Bless, Investment Manager at TechVision Fonds, shares: “We’re looking forward to watching this expansion happen. Pathmonk has experienced extraordinary growth since its inception while maintaining excellent customer satisfaction. Due to the right timing, its popularity and remarkable traction, Pathmonk is well on its way to becoming a leading, global conversion brand. We are very happy to welcome Pathmonk to the TechVision Fonds family.”

TechVision Fonds is joined by Carsten Lebtig, a successful serial entrepreneur and founder of WorkMotion. Having run several successful investment rounds for WorkMotion, with investors from teams like Canaan, Activant Capital and XAnge he has a firm belief in the team and product at Pathmonk: “I was impressed from the first moment, how Lukas and Rayco have been customer obsessed since the beginning. With very limited resources, but with intense focus on delivering value, they have built a product with a lot of growth potential.”

Startup Details

Startup Details



Pathmonk is an intelligent assistant for websites, to increase conversions and qualify leads.

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