Paladin Capital adds four to trust and security pledge

Paladin Capital Group, known for its investments in cyber and AI technologies, has introduced four new signatories to its Investment Principles and Commitments for Trust, Safety, and Security.

These new signatories include the NATO Innovation Fund (NIF), New North Ventures, Tech Operators, and SYN Ventures.

Earlier this year, this initiative was announced during a meeting with the White House National Security Council and the Executive Office of the President. Paladin’s Investment Principles and Commitments aimed to promote Trusted Capital, signalling a dedication from top venture capital firms to usher in a safer investment era. This move also reinforced the collaboration between the private and public sectors to safeguard allied nations from the risks posed by emerging technologies and to uphold democratic values.

As global adversaries increasingly exploit the cyber domain and as technologies like generative AI continue to evolve, it has become crucial for venture capital firms, including Paladin and NIF, to endorse commitments that protect free and open societies and ensure the economic success of democratic nations.

By signing these commitments, all signatories have pledged to prioritise trust, safety, and security in their technological innovations. They have also committed to deterring malicious actors from using these technologies to threaten democratic institutions.

“Our latest partnership with the NATO Innovation Fund broadens the base of Trusted Capital with US allies and exemplifies the ever-growing need to promote innovation and trusted investing across the globe,” said Michael Steed, Founder and Managing Partner of Paladin Capital Group. “Having the NATO Innovation Fund sign onto our principles creates a powerful path forward for continued international coordination on maximizing return on investments and protecting democratic institutions that are the bedrock of society. We are thrilled to have their support and look forward to a strong global partnership.”

“Paladin Capital Group’s Investment Principles and Commitments are in line with the core values of the NATO Innovation Fund and NATO DIANA’s Allied Capital Community. Protecting innovation from adversaries is key to making progress towards our mission to secure the future of the Alliance’s 1 billion citizens through technological innovation and responsible design,” said Patrick Schneider-Sikorsky, Partner and founding team member of the NATO Innovation Fund.

The new signatories are joining a group of eight advanced technologies investors who initially signed onto the Principles & Commitments with Paladin, including America’s Frontier Fund, Ballistic Ventures, Forgepoint Capital, Gula Tech Adventures, Razor’s Edge Ventures, Scout Ventures, Shield Capital, and Squadra Ventures. The regular addition of new signatories demonstrates the momentum these investment principles and commitments are building in the venture capital industry.