OneTech spins out from Capital Enterprise to support underserved communities in tech

OneTech, a not-for-profit designed to help underserved communities connect to opportunities in the tech ecosystem, has announced its official spinout from startup network Capital Enterprise. OneTech has evolved into a formidable force, tackling the deep-rooted systemic inequality across the London tech startup scene.

Over the last five years within Capital Enterprise, OneTech has run more than 30 programmes and supported over 3,000 aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals seeking job opportunities in tech startups through events, business programmes, grants, access to networks and online communities. 75% of participants across its programmes are women, and 80% are from Black, Asian, and minority ethnic communities. 

Together its startups have raised over £20 million and created more than 210 jobs. By becoming an independent organisation, OneTech will be able to scale the breadth and depth of its impact even further while preserving the principles that define its vision and purpose. 

Among OneTech’s alumni are Daniel Ojeme, Founder of Eccobell, which replaces the need for keys with a revolutionary intercom and access system for Airbnbs, Hotels and co-working spaces. Bianca Rangecroft, Founder and CEO of Whering, a ‘Clueless-inspired’ wardrobe app that has been featured on Dragons Den; and Zoë Chapman, Founder and CEO of Kiddiwhizz, who has also pitched the Dragons. Kiddiwhizz is a portable toilet for children that received investment from Steven Bartlett. 

Emma Obanye, Managing Director of OneTech said: “The spinout represents a huge milestone towards our vision of an inclusive startup ecosystem where everyone has equal access and opportunity to innovate, succeed, and thrive. This will enable us to broaden and deepen the support we offer - through new programs and products, and by expanding our support into new communities. I want to thank the Capital Enterprise team for all their support. We wouldn’t be here without them and we look forward to our partnership with them going forward.”

With an increased focus on inclusion, OneTech wants to expand the reach of its programmes into new communities outside London where entrepreneurs face many of the same barriers. In time expanding the range of programmes and products to broaden the support it provides. 

Darren Balcombe, Deputy CEO at Capital Enterprise added: “It is with immense pride and enthusiasm that we welcome the next exciting chapter for OneTech. This transition represents more than just a graduation - it’s a significant leap forward for an organisation that is deeply committed to fostering an inclusive and diverse startup ecosystem. Capital Enterprise looks forward to continuing to stand with OneTech as they continue to remove barriers for entrepreneurs and increase their reach and impact.”

OneTech has partnered with JP Morgan Chase since 2018 to deliver a range of support programmes, working with underrepresented entrepreneurs from the concept stage through to raising funding. The partners recently announced a new suite of business support programmes - including a Bootstrap School, Founders Weekends, and No-Code School.