Net zero heroes: A startup's guide to sustainability

The new year is upon us, and Startups Magazine is starting it off with a bang.

With our upcoming sustainability issue releasing later this month, this event will be more than your average lecture imploring you to recycle and turn off the lights.

Hosted by chief editor Anton Brisinger who will be interviewing the following individuals as our guest panel.

Alex Birtles, co-founder and CEO of In Good Company: a tech-for-good startup which aims to make it quick and easy for people to find the best ethical and sustainable businesses and experiences around them. Their platform will launch soon in London before rolling out across the UK.

Sanjay Lobo is the CEO of onHand, the impact app. Prior to onHand, Sanjay served on the exec team at two unicorns, (one of the UK's first dotcom unicorns) and Vistaprint (Nasdaq listed, with 17m customers) leading growth teams across the EU and US. In 2019, he founded onHand with the aim of solving some of society's biggest issues using technology.

Mya Gooding-Springer is the 21-year-old founder of her circular fashion-tech app, Swapped. Swapped allows users to swap their preloved occasion items by swiping left and right that would otherwise end up in landfills! Swapped allows our users to enjoy fashion without breaking the bank or harming the environment.

As with every startup event, there will be drinks and canopies served throughout, and after the speakers have concluded you’ll get the chance to network with like-minded individuals.

So put on your mask, cape and hop into your Batmobile and join us on January 26th 2023 at Uncommon 1 Long Lane London SE1 4PG that will surely bring out the hero in you.

Grab your tickets here.

See you all there!