Michelle Obama named as brits’ dream boss

A new survey has revealed that Michelle Obama is the UK public’s dream boss.

The former First Lady secured 40% of votes from people surveyed by employee engagement experts, Vestd, ahead of national treasure David Attenborough and personal finance expert Martin Lewis.

Ifty Nasir, CEO and Founder of Vestd, a UK share scheme platform, said: “These results show Mrs Obama remains popular with the British public due to her calming nature and no-nonsense attitude.

“These are all vital qualities for a great boss and provide a good grounding for managing difficult people and situations – many of which she has probably faced during her role as First Lady.

“Most of all, it is important for people to feel like their boss listens and is understanding - qualities that Mrs Obama has demonstrated time and again.”

Prince William proved the most popular of the Royal family in the poll, gaining 9% of the votes, followed by King Charles with 2%.

Meanwhile, Meghan Markle picked up just 1% of the vote while Prince Harry received none at all.

The survey was carried out as part of Vestd’s CEO Approval Index which identified the best bosses across the UK.

The research revealed that Hull has the nation’s best leaders – with staff handing their CEOs an 83% approval rating.

Liverpool came bottom of the study – based on data from company review website Glassdoor – with just 62%.

And despite Man City manager Pep Guardiola’s recent treble-winning heroics – Manchester bosses ranked a middling 73%.

Northampton ranked alongside Hull, with Belfast, London and Plymouth making up the top five.

Here are the full survey results:


Michelle Obama - 38%

David Attenborough - 22%

Martin Lewis - 13%

Gareth Southgate - 11%

Prince William - 9%

Taylor Swift - 2%

King Charles - 1%

Meghan Markle - 1%

Prince Harry - 0%