Meltwater announces AI engine and ChatGPT integration

Meltwater announces an AI-powered product innovations to help customers uncover insights, boost efficiency, and generate content.

Since 77% of marketers affirm that they create content more efficiently with AI and 79% say that it improves the quality of their content, Meltwater is helping accelerate this by leveraging the wealth of data provided by the internet and turning it into insight. These innovations are powered by Meltwater’s AI engine, which capitalises on nearly 20 years of investment and the largest and most global dataset in the industry.

Meltwater’s new product enhancements include multiple features such as the AI writing assistant that leverages the latest advancements in generative AI, thereby boosting productivity and facilitating creativity, or the insight assistant that uncovers significant consumer and market information and patterns, helping marketing teams stay ahead of the curve. By enabling users to capture insights from video content on social platforms through advanced computer vision, the video analysis allows customers to gain a more comprehensive understanding of their online brand and tackle everything from crisis management to content ideation.

‘The Discovery Insight Assistant is a fascinating feature, both for its ability to identify relevant information and for its accuracy. It simplifies the task of analysing and identifying the drivers of conversations with completeness and relevance. The potential of Discovery is immense, and it’s a major asset for anyone involved in social data,’ says Jean-Baptiste Mac Luckie, Senior Market & Business Insights Manager, Lacoste.

Meltwater delivers AI insights at scale, drawing from an unprecedented amount of data—with more than 1.3 billion new documents added each day, applying 14 billion AI inferences, and supporting over 240 languages. Additionally, Meltwater’s rich experience with LLMs (large language models), the foundation of generative AI models, puts the company in a leadership position to help customers find insights in the sea of external data.

‘The past year has seen a huge increase in the use of AI in terms of the industry as a whole. Eliminating guesswork, saving time, accessing actionable data, and producing more personalised content are all game-changers in an industry that is continuously changing and expanding,’ says Meltwater’s Senior Marketing Manager for the UKI region, Jess Smith.

In the coming months, the company will release additional generative AI-powered enhancements that will provide value for Meltwater customers in numerous ways – from simplifying complicated Boolean search set-up to generating concise content summaries and automating tags for news and social content. These features will drastically simplify how to search and organise data, accelerate user productivity, reduce time-to-strategic insight, and unblock creative barriers for Meltwater’s 27,000+ customers.

 Find out more at the upcoming Meltwater Summit in New York on June 21-22. During the Summit's Product Keynote, Meltwater CEO John Box and CTO Aditya Jami will reveal exciting new launches that leverage AI to empower marketers and communication professionals to spend less time wrangling data and more time strategising and engaging with their audiences.