Looking after everyone's wellbeing

Following the recent lockdown #02, there has never been a more important time to focus on wellbeing for clients and employees and of course yourself! I wanted to share what we have been doing at Clockwise to support everyone we work with.


We have introduced initiatives to support clients and employees alike. These have included a Weekly Wellbeing Edit email ‘Wellbeing Weekly’, a curated edit of tools to support mental and physical health for members and a Wellness Hour for staff to ensure they are looking after themselves. The Wellness hour was a way in which Clockwise could support staff by allocating time for themselves to focus on their wellbeing and mental health.

Every member of the Clockwise team was given an hour a week for the month of October to book and use as their 'wellness hour'. They could use this time in whatever way they wanted, to take a walk, to take a nap, to do something they love be that a sport, a class, something artistic or just taking an hour to leave work a bit earlier to spend at home or doing something they felt would add a little wellness to their lives - one staff member has a large number of animals and so spent her wellness hour looking after them or riding her horse on a beach (Wow what a way to spend her Wellness Hour!)

There is now a Wellness Committee, created to look at initiatives that all of the Clockwise staff can use in the future, having conducted an all staff survey to see what wellness meant to each staff member and what areas they thought the Committee should focus on.


Clockwise locations around the UK have remained open throughout the lockdowns, both for those who need the space to operate their business and for those who need the space to maintain their wellbeing. The offices are always fully staffed, have robust cleaning measures and the focus on the safety of members, visitors and our team, remains unchanged. It has been interesting with the different rules and regulations being implemented in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and the constantly changing requirements but Clockwise has ensured that the safety of their members and staff has remained the number one focus regardless of where in the UK the offices are situated.

Working from home has been challenging; difficulties with WiFi, limited space, uncomfortable furniture, instant coffee and the blurring of boundaries between work and life, the list goes on. Clockwise understands that for many the thought of enforced working from home again feels uncomfortable, that a dedicated space for work is important for physical and mental health. When it was for a short period of time people thought home working was beneficial but with the longer-term outlook there are more and more people needing separation between home life and work life and flexibility to manage workload and home pressures.

Clockwise offers brilliantly flexible memberships and personalised service for all businesses from local startups and SMEs to larger businesses wanting smaller local hubs in key business locations across the UK.


Located in the heart of Wood Green, Clockwise at Greenside House is still in the ‘building site’ stage currently with a launch date of March 2021. The focus continues to be on a space that can support businesses of every size to flourish. With private offices, dedicated desks, club desks, breakout spaces and meeting rooms, members can enjoy a stunning environment and engaged community. Interior designs, developed to increase productivity, include a striking ground floor reception, five floors of flexible workspace, and two new roof terraces as well as superfast WiFi throughout.

The proposition is that with a world of uncertainty the need for flexibility is key for every business regardless of their size. That includes the ability to up or down scale at any point. I personally cannot wait to get to work from Greenside House and not feel like the walls are closing in at home or the worry that my one-year-old or four-year-old will run in and join another of my work calls!


We all have a responsibility to stop the spread of coronavirus and Clockwise continues to go above and beyond to ensure our spaces are safe for everyone who uses them; enhanced cleaning, plenty of space to social distance and PPE provisions.

However, we also must look after people’s physical and mental wellbeing and both of these are certainly being tested in the current climate. So please above all else…

Be kind!

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Clockwise provide well-designed, contemporary offices, workspaces and meeting spaces in convenient, city centre locations, suited to the needs of your growing business.

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