Look out for these healthtech startups in 2023

2022 was unsurprisingly packed full of innovation and developments in the healthtech landscape. 2023 is of course no different. Startups Magazine highlights five healthtech startups set to make incredible moves in 2023 and beyond.


Coroflo has created a nipple shield with a revolutionary twist. With inbuild flow measurement providing accurate, precise and real-time data, the Coro can be used as regularly or intermittently as desired. It provides mum with reassurance that baby is getting enough, or acts as an early indicator to seek assistance if required.

The size of the feed-area is no different to widely available shields and the device can be used in the same way.

The startup is on a mission to achieve success for every woman who wants to breastfeed. Inspired by Co-Founder, Helen’s personal experience with her five pound full turn baby, Coroflo understand the importance of having access to accurate, immediate information about the amount of breastmilk a baby is getting.


On a mission to reduce mental health suffering, BioBeats share a vision for pioneering preventative health and are making the leap from reactive to proactive medicine.

BioBeam is a wearable device capable of tracking your heart rate, variability, sleep and activity. This can be paired to the BioBase app tracks your heart rate, activity, sleep, mood and cognitive function.

Wearing the BioBeam means your health data can be monitored in real-time to provide you a live wellbeing score.


Proximie is saving lives by sharing the world’s best clinical practice. It’s a technology platform allowing clinicians to virtually ‘scrub in’ to any operating room or cath lab from anywhere in the world.

The goal is to empower clinicians to share their skills in real-time to reduce variation in care and ensure every patient receives the best healthcare every time.

Utilising AI, ML and AR, clinicians can remotely interact in a live procedure or assessment from the beginning to the end, in a way that aids education.

Avenda Health

One in eight men will develop prostate cancer, which is where Avenda Health comes in. Avenda believes patients shouldn’t have to compromise between treating their prostate cancer and maintaining their quality of life.

Prostate cancer can be difficult to see as MRI underestimates the true extent of cancer and it’s vital to remember that every patient’s cancer is unique.

The solution is iQuest, a new way to map prostate cancer. It is the only prostate cancer management platform that combines, creates and visualises data.

It uses AI to visualise location and extent of prostate cancer to aid patients and their physicians in making informed decisions about their care.

Kheiron Medical Technologies

This startup is transforming cancer diagnostics through deep learning to give patients a better fighting chance against cancer by helping radiologists detect cancer earlier.

Kheiron achieves this all whilst helping radiology departments to run more efficiently and manage patient care more effectively.

The company has revolutionised mammography with Mia, a breakthrough AI platform for breast screening. The startup is set to continue making waves in 2023 and beyond.