How we help startups grow to become tech giants

Are you sitting on an idea for a brilliant new app or digital product? Perhaps you have already started the process into making that idea a reality but it is taking too long or just not coming out exactly as you had imagined? At Intrface, we specialise in helping start-ups develop and realise their vision with methods such as Rapid Validation and something we like to call: The Design Sprint 2.0.

How we use Design Sprint’s for rapid testing

Creating and developing a concept can take anywhere from a couple of months to well over a year but when it is finally ready how do you know that it’s going to work, especially after you’ve invested so much time and money? Design Sprints take your idea, build a prototype version and let real users test and feedback so that you can find out where to go next on a much shorter time scale.

But what about the 2.0 part? The Intrface team love to be disruptive and we believe there’s always room for improvement. The traditional Design Sprint takes a full working week but with our network of passionate, industry experts, we have stripped this process back to just four days – and two of those include you.

So, What’s The Process?

The first day of the Intrface Design Sprint is all about understanding your concept. We take a look at the challenges that will be faced in the project and identify real and practical solutions with you. We know in all types of industries there are different problems to address but with the Design Sprint we can really hone in to understand the nuances of highly complex industries such as the Fintech industry which is one of the most innovative areas when it comes to new digital products.
Once we have established the potential difficulties, we spend day two of the process finalising the best solutions and then storyboarding the prototype of your idea to ensure that we build exactly what you’re looking for.

For the third day, we send you away and get to designing and building your prototype. This involves selecting the right members of our team for the job from wherever they are in the world as at Intrface, we don’t sit in a swanky London office but virtually side by side so that you can get the best people for the job without compromising. We also recruit the group of five testers and schedule the prototype testing for the next day which is where the magic happens.

The last day of the Design Sprint is where we let the test group loose on the prototype and go through their feedback both written and video to understand the next steps for your concept.

What does the Sprint shows our clients?

The outcome is usually very simple. With the insight from the user test, we create a future product roadmap with the next steps ready for you to take your concept on the journey to full development. We provide you with all the design assets and IP created as well as that high-fidelity interactive prototype.

The best way to view the Design Sprint is as a shortcut or a stepping stone to actualising your idea, bringing it to life and moving closer to getting that final product out the door with the reassurance of you knowing that all the nooks and crannies have been ironed out.

From Design Sprint to final product

We are solely focused on helping start ups to grow by providing data, analysis, complete transparency and zero jargon. This is why at the end of a Design Sprint, we make sure to give you all the information that you need to take your concept to fruition – even if that’s not with us.

We work with start ups on a daily basis and understand that you need to make every penny invested go as far as possible which is why we don’t use agency pricing models and only charge for people that you don’t need, saving quite a lot of that all important start-up cash.

If you like the sound of how we work and what we’ve got on offer, why not have a little chat with a member of the Intrface team today and let’s get you on the path to success. We’re good to go when you are.

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Startup Details



Intrface, an award-winning Digital Product Consultancy who specialise in helping companies and startups build successful digital products with world-class user experiences. We help our partners with Product Strategy & Design (UX, UI, User Research), with an unwavering focus on outcomes over outputs which means we double down on long-term goals of the business by creating partnerships with our clients.

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