How to understand the importance of logos for your startup

Sadly, with only 10% of startups making it through their first year, there’s no doubt they face a challenge ahead of them. Reasons for this can include poor budgeting, misplaced marketing, lack of research, and/or choosing the wrong partners.

So, how can a logo, and its design, help? A poor logo can damage a potentially successful brand if it is not designed well or fails to convey the product's or service's benefits.

A logo is a verbal and visual representation of your vision. If, in the first place, you are unclear about that and don’t get that firmly and enticingly embedded in your logo design, people will just not be engaged, and will not buy from your startup. Your logo is like a visual ambassador representing your desired success, the fulfilment of your dream. If your enthusiasm, your excitement, and the potential for them to benefit from participation are not carried in the design then they simply won’t engage, and they won’t accept your ‘invitation’ to be part of your brand’s tribe.

Successful brands are loved and visible, made obvious by the willingness of customers to display their logo so visibly on tracksuits, bags or shoes. Not only are these consumers giving the brand free publicity but they’re also flaunting their allegiance and probably that they are happy to pay more to do so.

This success is dependent on all the reasons described above but underpinning everything in a successful brand is the logo, including the quality of the design, the intention embedded in it and the attention we pay to build it. Everything we bring into our lives is sparked through our intention and we grow it with the attention we give to it.

When I create a logo design, the first exercise I do with my client is to ensure their intention is pure, and viable and that they are truly and wholly committed. I have a series of questions that I deep dive into and some clients fall at the first hurdles. For example: Why do you want to do this and what do you have to offer that others want? When they express this sincerely, and I mean from the heart, very few realise this is not their true longing. More will find the emphasis shifts to a more sustainable and potentially successful response. Logos are a powerful way of helping hone our intentions. If we get it right, the design bypasses our conscious mind. By taking the time to open our hearts and creative minds, we can birth a design that visibly expresses the subtle nuances that tell the brand's story, delivering our vision to engage potential customers more deeply, broadly and authentically.

Getting the final design right might feel like a tedious, long-winded process but it is worth it. We are hard-wired to register a good design, even the minutiae of letter spacing. Sadly, this is an art that seems to be declining in our technologically based ‘everyone is a designer’ world but it is unconsciously noted by viewers, whether they are design savvy or not. If we can’t be bothered to get it right, why should others trust us to get the brand right? Everything we deliver in a logo matters; every element such as the colour, symbol and name, delivers the imprint of our dream.  

Persistence and trust, once we have our design, are imperative. Uncertainty will permeate the brand if we cannot hold the vision.

I have experienced clients, who, once they have their logo applied to their website, believe that is that and wait for success. It is powerful work designing a logo, it reaches into our unconscious and bonds to our vision so that we ‘see’ our potential success manifested. But it needs care and attention for its growth, birthing it is not enough.

Of course, there are all the logical, sensible, steps we can take, getting it out on social media, applying it to as many visible products and services as we can, and signing it off on our advertising, emails, and publicity, to mention a few so that it becomes bonded with our brand but there is much more we can do.

With even a small amount of knowledge of our deeper world construct, the power of our minds, combined with our determination, and the ability to share our logos at multi-levels, we can increase our chances to create our dream. At this stage, we can bring our logo to work with us at powerful levels of energy. If we love it, then it will grow, and others are more likely to love it and want to be part of it. A company, Heartmath, has shown how powerful the heart is at receiving messages than our minds. We can look to the world of healing. Deliver your logo by imagining it travelling strategically to those who will resonate with your dream. Play with marketing in this way; would it be effective to visualise it projected on the moon, consider launching it at a particularly auspicious time astrologically or why not wear it on your T-shirt, and get friends to do likewise? Logos on T-shirts are usually strategically placed over the powerful heart area. Coincidence? Or have brands been super clever? We can learn from their success and instil it in our businesses