How to make a big impact to your startup with small but significant changes

Small changes consistently applied over a period of time WILL have a big impact on your business. For example, if you simply commit to spending 30 minutes every day engaging with your target audience on social media, this daily activity on your part will gradually compound into a significant impact on your business.

More connections will be made and more conversations started which, in turn will mean more prospects for your business.

It’s not about making one small change but lots; lots of small changes lead to a bigger impact.

Small changes can feel pointless or fruitless and it’s easy to think it’s not worth bothering, but that’s the mistake. Running The Sleep Nanny Academy, I’ve learnt that it’s the small things that add up to make a big difference.

Another small change could be in productivity. Perhaps you could draft the text for key emails you regularly send so that you can reuse the template and save a lot of time. Or it might be using some project management tools to help you stay on track with things. Using this every day will help you to keep moving the needle forwards on the tasks that will truly drive your business forward and not let you just get consumed by the busy work.

Determining the need for change

To determine which small but significant changes you need to make in your business, start by identifying what you spend most of your time doing and list these tasks in one column. Then, make a second column listing the true needle moving tasks you know you should be spending more time doing.

You see, we tend to spend most of our time doing the things that feel urgent. We feel compelled to respond to people quickly and get lost in the low skill, low value administrative tasks. As the business owner, your time needs to be dedicated to the important tasks that require your unique skills.

They might not be so urgent and maybe no-one is nagging you to complete them, but these are the things that will really make a significant impact on your business and drive it forwards.

Once you have your two columns, draw a line between any of the tasks that appear in both columns. This will show you how many of the tasks you’re spending a large amount of time on are tasks that are actually contributing to your business growth.

Now you can see the things you ought to be doing and the things you could delegate. This is a small change that will massively impact your business.

Get visible

To easily make a big impact in your business, you need to get visible. There are lots of ways to do that but a faster way to get in front of your target audience is to look at who has already congregated that audience.

Find people who have your target audience engaged with them and collaborate with them. There is bound to be a mutually beneficial way for you to get in front of the audience they have built. Find that and share your value with more people in one go.

Ultimately, the size of the impact you make is largely determined by the size of the audience you serve. If you’re in a service based business, you might be trading your time for money by serving one client at a time. Consider how you might provide your service to multiple clients at a time. In other words, rather than one to one, you offer one to many. This is how you can scale your business, maximise your time and your impact!

If you are starting out in a coaching or consulting business, it makes sense to begin with one to one services but you can still make a huge impact by collecting reviews to share with future prospects and by charging what you are truly worth.

If your schedule is full or you are maxed out on orders, it is time to increase your prices. A small price increase can make for a significant impact on your bottom line and your business as a whole.

Remember, it is not about doing one small thing or a few big things now and again. It is about doing a lot of small things consistently over time - that is what leads to the compound effect and maximum impact.