Five cyber security tips for small businesses

With remote working and other scenarios caused by the pandemic increasing cybersecurity risks for businesses big and small alike, the team of experts at CloudCoCo have put together the following cyber security tips for small businesses.

1) Layered security

Ensure that you have layered security in place in order to limit access to your most sensitive data, should your system suffer a breach. Limit access to certain types of information - particularly the most sensitive - by adding layers of protection, like encryption, additional passwords, etc.

2) Train employees

Even if you have dedicated technical support staff in place, your employees are still liable to inadvertently cause breaches, or be targeted by cyber attacks, if they are not sufficiently trained. Ensure that all members of staff know how to use resources belonging to the company and have penalties in place for those that do not follow protocols.

3) Maintain good password practices

It can be easy to get lazy when it comes to passwords but, when it’s concerning your business, it’s vital that you maintain good practices. Passwords should be at least 12 characters and contain a mix of letters, numbers, symbols and capitals, to start. You should also make sure that you and your employees change passwords every three months, at a minimum.

4) Limit access

Regardless of whether you trust your employees or not, it’s important that you limit access to secure materials to those that require it for their job role. Not so much because your employees might steal your information, but those less trained in handling sensitive matter may be more open to suffering a cyber attack.

5) Update software

This is a key aspect of cybersecurity, and something that may be forgotten by many. Software updates often contain security patches and bug fixes, meaning that they are essential in keeping you and your business safe.

As well as regularly updating software, you should also regularly back everything up in case of a breach - you can schedule these automatically to save you from forgetting.

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