Femtech can empower women and their mental health

Femtech is a rapidly growing industry focused on designing technology specifically for women's health and wellness needs. From period tracking apps to pelvic floor trainers, femtech products have revolutionised the way women approach their health. Femtech has huge potential to make a significant impact on women’s mental health and wellbeing. By providing digital tools and resources that are tailored to women's unique needs, femtech has the power to transform the way we approach mental health.

One of the biggest challenges facing women when it comes to mental health is access to care. Many women face barriers to accessing mental health services, such as long wait times, high costs, and a shortage of providers. Femtech can help to address this issue by providing digital platforms and apps that offer virtual therapy sessions, self-help tools, and mindfulness exercises. By making mental health resources more accessible and convenient, femtech can help more women to seek support for their mental health.

Femtech can also tailor mental health care and support to women's specific needs. Women face unique health challenges throughout their lives, such as postpartum depression, menopause, and reproductive health issues such as endometriosis. Femtech companies can develop mental health tools and resources that are specifically designed to address these challenges. With data suggesting that a third of employers do not feel well equipped to support women going through the menopause, the requirement for such tools is more prominent than ever.

WOOM is an app that combines machine learning techniques with personal experience allowing women to better understand their bodies. It covers every stage of women’s reproductive health, accompanying users with personalised period and fertility calendars. It ensures that emotional wellbeing remains a priority to the user.

In addition to addressing women's unique mental health needs, femtech can also help to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health. Many women feel ashamed or embarrassed to seek help for mental health issues, which can prevent them from getting the support they need. Femtech products and services can provide a safe and confidential space for women to seek support, without the fear of being judged or stigmatised. This can help to encourage more women to seek help for their mental health, which can lead to better outcomes and improved overall wellbeing.

Taking control back

Femtech has the potential to empower women to take control of their mental health in a way that was never before possible. Health specific issues specific to women, including menstruation, menopause and pregnancy have long been treated as taboo topics resulting in them being overlooked and under-researched.

By providing tools and resources that help women to better understand and manage their mental health, femtech can help women to feel more confident and in control of their own wellness.

For example, Coroflo is on a mission to revolutionise the global breastfeeding crisis. Coroflo’s revolutionary breast shield, Coro, provides parents with reassurance that baby is getting enough milk, or acts as an early indicator when assistance is needed.

Femtech can help to improve the overall understanding of women's mental health by providing a wealth of data on the topic. By collecting data on women's mental health experiences, femtech companies can help to identify patterns and trends in mental health issues affecting women.

This data can be used to inform public health policy and improve access to mental health care.

By shining a light on the unique mental health challenges faced by women, femtech can help to improve the overall quality of care for women's mental health.

Femtech has the potential to be a game-changer when it comes to women's mental health and wellbeing. By providing tailored resources and tools, reducing stigma, and empowering women to take control of their mental health, femtech can help to ensure that women receive the care and support they need to live life to its fullest.

As the femtech industry continues to grow and evolve, we can expect to see even more innovative products and services that transform the way we approach mental health. Afterall, femtech is a ‘powerhouse’ tackling more than women’s health issues.