Everyone says they love your idea, until it's time to pay

Turning an idea into a reality is an exhilarating pursuit.

As entrepreneurs, we thrive on innovation, creativity, and the desire to bring something unique to the world. When we share our ideas with others, we often receive a flood of praise and admiration. Friends, family, and acquaintances express their excitement and claim to be staunch supporters.

However, when the time comes for them to back their words with financial commitment, a disheartening reality sets in – many of those who professed their love for our idea suddenly hesitate, falter, or vanish all together.

It is a common and frustrating predicament faced by countless entrepreneurs. The gap between verbal support and actual payment can be perplexing and demoralising. How are you able to navigate this treacherous terrain and convert the enthusiastic affirmations into tangible financial backing?

It is essential to recognise that an idea, no matter how brilliant or groundbreaking, holds a different weight in the minds of others than it does in ours. Your passion, knowledge, and intimate understanding of the idea often cloud your judgment. While you might see a revolutionary product or service, others may only see an intriguing concept or an uncertain investment.

Moreover, human nature itself is riddled with complexities and contradictions. People are naturally drawn to exciting and novel ideas. They enjoy the thrill of being part of something innovative. However, when faced with the prospect of parting with their hard-earned money, fear, and doubt creep in. Committing financial resources comes with inherent risks, and not everyone is willing or able to embrace them.

Another factor contributing to the divide between verbal support and financial commitment is the valuation of an idea. The perception of value varies from person to person, influenced by personal circumstances, financial priorities, and individual perspectives on the market. While someone may genuinely appreciate your idea, they may not attribute the same monetary worth to it as you do. Valuation discrepancies lead to disappointment and frustration when it comes to converting supporters into paying customers.

So, how can you bridge this gap? How can you transform admirers into committed clients/customers?

Communication becomes paramount in this endeavour. As entrepreneurs, we must clearly articulate the value proposition of our idea. We must go beyond enthusiasm and present a compelling case for why someone should invest in our concept.

By effectively communicating the benefits, solutions, and advantages our idea offers, we increase understanding and create a stronger case for financial commitment.

Building trust is also a crucial aspect of winning. Establishing credibility, sharing success stories, and showcasing our expertise all contribute to building this foundation of trust. People are more likely to buy something they trust, and by demonstrating our commitment, experience, and track record, we instil confidence in potential buyers.

It is also essential to identify the right audience. Not everyone is the ideal customer or investor for your idea. Writing a business plan, marketing strategy and marketing plan, and brand strategy helps you understand who aligns with your vision and has the means to support it. Targeting your efforts towards these individuals or organisations increases the likelihood of converting verbal support into a financial commitment.

As an entrepreneur, you must be adaptable and willing to iterate. Incorporating feedback and continuously refining our offering make it more appealing to potential audiences, clients, and customers.

Lastly, providing proof of concept is a game-changer. Creating prototypes, developing minimum viable products, or sharing success stories from early adopters helps validate our idea's potential. Concrete evidence of progress and positive results reduces scepticism and increases confidence in potential clients/customers and buyers.

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Startup Details


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The business mission is a business strategy consultancy, which guides and helps business owners implement strong foundations and structure within their business period.

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