eSync: golden thread in software-defined vehicles at CES 2024

More than 10 automakers, Tier-1 suppliers, and software defined vehicle developers will showcase eSync technology at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) from 9–12 January in Las Vegas.

With eSync technology integrated into products and demonstrations by brands including AWS, Aptiv, and Texas Instruments, eSync is the ‘golden thread’ running through software defined vehicle developments.

eSync is the automotive industry’s only standardised bi-directional over-the-air (OTA) pipeline, which not only enables automakers to deploy software updates across all areas of the vehicle, but also sends diagnostics data back to the vehicle manufacturer. Currently used by more than 30 OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers, and deploying into almost 12 million vehicles globally, eSync is proven to help develop OTA more quickly and reliably than proprietary solutions.

Key to eSync’s continued popularity is the eSync Alliance, a non-profit trade association that enables automakers and Tier-1 suppliers to collaborate on setting a standard for OTA. This enables developers of software defined components throughout the vehicle to have a voice in the discussion around OTA specifications, making system development faster, more reliable, and cost-effective throughout the supply chain.

At CES, the eSync Alliance will demonstrate how eSync can be used to deploy OTA updates on containerised software, which is crucial for the development of autonomous vehicles. OTA updates the speed of development of autonomous driving software and allows capabilities to improve throughout the vehicle lifecycle, while eSync’s bi-directional data pipeline means real-time driving data can be used to improve in-car software. Demonstrations at CES 2024 will show how the eSync Alliance standardised OTA platform integrates into the Autoware Foundation open-source autonomous vehicle software stack, based on the SOAFEE SIG service-oriented software architecture.

This demonstration will be shown at the COVESA Networking Reception and Showcase at the Bellagio Hotel on January 9. eSync will also be present in several brands’ own product demonstrations.

Mike Gardner, Executive Director of the eSync Alliance, said: “Software defined vehicles will undoubtedly be a major focus of CES 2024, with a reliable, standardised bi-directional OTA pipeline crucial to their successful development. eSync’s visibility and proliferation throughout the show is testament to its importance within OTA development and the work done by members of the eSync Alliance to ensure there is a single, accessible specification for all.”

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