Effective Strategies for a Smooth Transition to Working Remotely

Times are changing, and the world is tilting towards working remotely rather than working in an office space. There have been waves of coronavirus that led employers to make the difficult but urgent decision to make employees work from home.

People have operated more remotely in 2020 than any other year, and they are getting ready to go back to their office space in 2021. A transition from working in an office space to working remotely has its challenges. Despite these, the world's tilt has influenced how we all work. Below are tips that are effective for a smooth transition to working remotely.

Creating A New Office Space

Though employees might be used to the office space's mental image, they work effectively in a practical working environment. There is a need for space creation by employees working remotely, serving as the new office space. Space should be in a place of maximum concentration. It could be a small table cleared out solely for work. This space instills your office space mentality and helps you work more effectively. It gives you the work feel, thrill, and increases productivity.

This space must help you to stay focused and keep track of the time. Often, when working remotely, people are unable to separate their working hours from their rest hours. There are no boundaries between work and home, one is always dealing with the two. These could lead to unproductivity throughout the whole hours as a result of the imbalance between life and work. With this space, it is easier to be productive through breaks and work. The created space should not be in locations designed for your rest.

Embrace Technology

How do you intend to work remotely without the use of technology? Technology has made life more comfortable. Through various applications, an efficient and productive meeting can take place online. All you need to do is ensure you have a good internet connection in your plan to work remotely. It might not be necessary that the technology appeals to you as far as it gets your work done in a comfortable, simpler, and faster means; embrace it. These cloud-based business applications and file sharing methods help work with other team members from different locations. You can share files like you are in the office space and work more effectively. Another important remote working appliance is Raspberry Pi 4 which is used to remotely access your office network. While working remotely, you still have to work as a team, so good internet connectivity is necessary.

Finding an effective means of transferring files

It is vital to exchange files with other team members while working remotely, making a replica of office space. This makes it easier to finish and manage tasks in a quicker way. There are different options you might like to explore when you share files. You could use cloud storage to offer everyone access to a piece of critical information on a large size. You need to unzip files when working with zipped files, which helps to compress similar files. You find the zipped file, double click the zipped file, single-click the file you need there, copy the file, go back, you are now in the original folder, paste the copied file into this folder. It automatically copies files as unzipped.      


While working remotely, it could seem like you are working individually, but remember that you are still working as a team, and this is where communication comes in. Even in an office space, you need effective communication, more so a virtual space. There should be guidelines and policies on the mode of meeting and communication. There should be a convenient time for the employees where discussion, submission, and objections are being raised. Use email for smaller messages like the location of the meeting, time, and passcode. Ensure a deeper level of communication through video calls, conference calls, and even phone calls. Video calls have the advantage of seeming like a face-to-face meeting as the participants' body language is observed.

Misunderstandings can quickly occur while working remotely, so it should be settled immediately through video and phone calls. Sometimes, a physical meeting should be set up, attended by crucial team members, and recorded for the other team members. Communication is a vital tool when working remotely and you should work hard to simplify guest communication. Without contact through telecommunication, it might be challenging to achieve the work aim and objective while working remotely.

Set proper work hours and your breaks

If you have the flexibility to select the times when you will work and how you are going to work, things may go chaotic fast. Everything such as a warm and comfortable bed, a Netflix queue, and your children playing in the next room can distract you away from work easily. For overcoming these distractions and maintaining concentration you are going to need guidelines for all things. You have to set the working hours for your assignments and stick to this schedule. You must not work before and after this schedule. Assign the relevant tasks to these hours and maintain track of time while working on these tasks.

You may use online tools such as Tomato Timer to efficiently track your productivity and help you keep yourself on track. Maintain a similar discipline while you are taking breaks from work. Determine the number of breaks you will need for avoiding burnout. For example, some people take a 20-minute break after every 2 hours. Even though this is not a hard and fast rule, you are required to set aside proper breaks and then work around them.

Get rid of cabin fever

Although working from home may sound like a dream come true, spending a lot of time at home can drive you crazy. As you are stuffed up in a single space for a huge amount of time, it can have a major impact on your productivity. Set aside a time during the day to allow yourself to step away from the home. The reason can be for running errands, walking your dog, or for just walking outside. There is a need to change your surrounding atmosphere to maintain concentration.

There is another good way of avoiding this cabin fever and that is going to a coworking space. Several organisations advocating remote work also provide coworking space allowances to the members of their staff. You can also consider going and working at the nearby Starbucks or even a coffee shop that you like. You can also choose the location where you want to work from, such as coworking spaces in Chicago or later change the city if needed since there are many coworking spaces nowadays around the country! There are services available that are a terrific way of accessing coworking spaces on demand. It is possible to try out different coworking spaces by the hour or you may consider staying there all day. You are likely to get fast Wi-Fi and get some complimentary coffee here as well. There is also the probability of meeting new people who are working there remotely.

Develop and maintain a good work-life balance

As an employee, you need to be aware of when to start working and when to cut off from work. When you make a transition from office work to remote work, there is a tendency to work additional hours to overcompensate and display raised productivity. However, you need to be capable of maintaining your work-life balance and maintain satisfaction with your work. Always keep in mind why you wished for remote work in the first place. Was it for increasing your productivity, traveling around the world, or for spending more time with children? To enjoy all the perks, you will have to define strict boundaries between your work and your personal life.

For example, there is no need to check emails after working hours. There are systems in place that just send urgent messages through Slack. They also take into consideration different time zones and the working hours of other employees.

Prepare to-do lists for everyday tasks

There is another method that can be used for transitioning to remote work smoothly. Prepare a list of day-to-day tasks. It might be a good idea to prepare a weekly or even a monthly to-do list. It is up to you. When you have a to-do list for all the daily tasks, it helps you in ensuring that you are not missing out on things and are in a position to assign a specific time for all tasks efficiently. It will also help in saving time as there is no need to scroll up and down to check your emails or check with Slack messages every hour to be aware of the next tasks.

Final word

A remote workplace is the future of working space and efficient transferring of files. Unzipping is as crucial as communication itself since it’s how to access zipped files, which is very necessary while working remotely. It will be a good idea to set clear boundaries and have a definite workplace to ease the transition phase. You may have to face over-communication with your team members as well.