EcoSend and Treeapp join forces to deliver carbon-reduced email marketing

EcoSend, the first ever provider of environmentally conscious email marketing solutions, has launched a partnership with Treeapp, a B Corp organisation dedicated to restoring forests and ecosystems.

The new collaboration marks an important step forward in EcoSend's commitment to tackling climate change through sustainable digital marketing practices. The partnership will offer every new customer that signs up with EcoSend the opportunity to contribute to reforestation efforts through Treeapp.

Depending on the EcoSend subscription level that a company has, trees will be planted to absorb any carbon emissions associated with their email marketing activities. Each customer will have access to the Treeapp dashboard through their EcoSend profile, which will outline the measures taken to reduce any carbon emissions produced by all EcoSend customers. There are plans in motion for a customer specific dashboard where they will be able to see the emissions absorbed from their own campaigns. This will provide further evidence to internal teams on their environmental impact which can be important for ESG reporting.

Treeapp already counts The Economist, Virgin, and NHS amongst its impressive client base. EcoSend will be one of the company's first partners from the email marketing sector.

EcoSend's mission is to eliminate the carbon footprint of email marketing campaigns through optimising and reducing the size of each email, precisely segmenting audiences, and lowering the footprint of each campaign. With this collaboration with Treeapp, the company has reinforced its commitment to supporting the environment, ensuring that every email marketing campaign is carbon reduced.

James Gill, co-founder of EcoSend, said: “The partnership with Treeapp is a game changer in terms of visibility for our customers. Gone are the days when people were happy enough to pay to reduce their carbon emissions without evidence of their impact.

“With the Treeapp Planting site imagery, customers will eventually see for themselves not only how many trees that have been planted to absorb the carbon emissions created from sending an email, but they have access to details including the specific tree species being planted and where the tree is. This level of transparency aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing our customers with an understanding of their environmental impact. We hope by showing our customers this, it will inspire them to continuously improve and motivate others to join our mission.”

Sophie Badoche, Marketing Manager at Treeapp said: “When it comes to tackling the climate crisis and deforestation, collaboration is absolute. Through our partnership with EcoSend, we hope that more industries will follow suit in joining forces with environmental bodies. Not only will efforts like this benefit the environmental impact on industry around the world, but it will directly benefit the world in which we live.”