beats Meta for gaming video ad revolution using generative AI

Generative AI is advancing and innovating vast swathes of work. has launched to bring this technology to video ads creation for mobile game publishers. is using generative AI to revolutionize the world of video ad production and ad analytics. Users simply need to input their desired ad parameters and then the AI algorithms take care of the rest;  generating data-driven, measurable, and high-quality ads in a matter of minutes.

Ads are produced 6x faster, enabling creative teams to focus on new concepts, while generates high performing iterations. All of this removes the heavy lifting and time-consuming process of manual ad production.

In today's digital landscape, where Apple's App Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework has reshaped online advertising, a robust and innovative creative strategy is crucial for marketers to unlock success.

As privacy takes centre stage and tracking signals become limited, creatives have emerged as the most critical factor in driving profitable ad spend and achieving marketing excellence. Generating data-driven, high-performing, and captivating ads to engage your target audience is now possible with the advancements in Generative Ai technology that is made accessible through is the evolution and brainchild of Athar Zia and Jay Shah, the founders’ previous venture, That platform analysed millions of dollars of ad testing data to unlock the DNA of a winning ad which helped it generate the blueprint for successful ad creation, something that was previously considered a "Black Box”. With the advancements in Generative AI technology, the founders were able to take the creative blueprint they had developed and, now, produce winning ads within minutes.

“ is a Generative AI Video Platform, leveraging millions of dollars of creative testing data within the Gaming vertical to unlock the DNA of a winning ad. This allows us to build data-driven, high-performing ads in a matter of minutes, empowering businesses to take their advertising efforts to the next level. Our platform is poised to revolutionise the way businesses approach their marketing strategies, and we're excited to see the unprecedented success it will bring to our clients,” commented co-founder & CEO Athar Zia.

“Performance marketing within Gaming is extremely scientific and measurable, yet creative production, and creative measurement are still stuck in the stone age with limited knowledge of what makes a winning ad, while assuming a 95% failure rate. It’s time for the industry to evolve, and leverage the advancements in Generative AI to produce data-driven ads that are measurable and deliver scaled performance.” was founded in January 2023 by a team of seasoned experts in the advertising and technology industries including a former Meta ads auction expert [Athar Zia], and former Meta solutions engineer [Jay Shah]. Renowned creative production expert William Hughes joined as Chief Creative Officer having worked at EA, PopCap, BigFish, Social Point, and Tilting Point across more than 59 game titles.

"User-Acquisition managers and creative teams are under pressure to deliver high-performing campaigns with limited resources. However, every decision is based on human interpretation of performance data, competitor and market analysis and production limitations leading to low performance. Generative AI replaces human bias and outdated production methods allowing studios to reduce overhead, increase production volume, and improve performance, giving creatives more time to be creative." added William Hughes, Chief Creative Officer at

The team is of the firm conviction that the future of Gaming advertising lies in empowering user acquisition managers with tools that enable them to generate creative iterations faster to support their growth initiatives, without requiring any creative production skills. This will expand the scope of a user acquisition manager to include data-driven creative iteration production, while allowing creative teams to focus on what they do best, which is creating new concepts for business growth.

User-generated content is a key feature in today's digital landscape. recognises this and plans to roll out new technology features that enable advertisers to reduce the cost and time associated with producing user-generated content. This will allow businesses of all sizes to tap into the power of user-generated content and leverage it to drive growth and engagement. 

“The goal is to be the one-stop-shop where you can produce, test, iterate and get analytics on your creative strategy and production. We will do this by demystifying creative challenges and helping companies scale their advertising efforts profitably. Our advanced technology can produce highly-effective ads in a fraction of the time and we can share real-time analytics that highlight the DNA of a winning ad. This two pronged approach will enable businesses to focus on growth and success. We're excited to be at the forefront of advertising innovation and are looking forward to empowering businesses with the power of generative AI,” said Athar Zia.