AQRU announces partnership with Maple Finance

AQRU, an incubator specialising in decentralised finance has announced its partnership with Maple Finance, an institutional lending platform in the decentralised finance sector, to offer AQRU customers access to enhanced yields in decentralised finance. 

Maple Finance facilitates uncollateralised and partially collateralised loans to leading cryptocurrency institutions that wish to access non-traditional financing while maintaining robust risk and security controls.

Maple Finance’s yield-generating services will be integrated into AQRU’s mobile and web-based platform, which allows users to exchange their fiat, which are government-issued currencies such as the euro and the US dollar, into cryptocurrency and invest their assets to generate attractive yields.

The partnership will enable AQRU to broaden its range of yield generating strategies and investment opportunities that users can choose from depending on their risk and return profile. Customers can deposit GBP and EUR into Maple Finance’s investment protocol, and will be able to deposit USD, CHF, CAD and SEK in the future, as well as their existing cryptocurrency holdings.

By integrating Maple Finance’s investment protocols into its platform, AQRU is aiming to offer the users of its platform annual percentage yields of up to 15%. AQRU does not charge transaction fees which will allow its users to generate profit from small deposits.

Additionally, the AQRU platform’s wallet is secured by Fireblocks, an industry leader in digital asset security, to reassure investors looking to take advantage of Maple Finance’s investment protocols that their assets are safe.

Philip Blows, CEO of AQRU, commented: “Bridging the gap between traditional and decentralised finance in a secure, easy-to-use way is at the core of what we do. We feel Maple Finance is an excellent example of how decentralised protocols can add real value to the average investor’s portfolio.

"By partnering with Maple Finance, we are bringing their first-class investment opportunities to our platform whilst offering a simpler method to engage with them via the AQRU app. This eliminates transaction costs so smaller investors are not prevented from generating returns from the service. We look forward to working with Maple Finance to continue offering attractive options for investors participating in the world of DeFi.”

Sidney Powell, CEO and Co-Founder of Maple Finance, commented: “Transaction fees, the complexities of opening a crypto-wallet, and associated risks have discouraged many investors from making the most of decentralised finance and entering the digital economy.

"Through our partnership with AQRU, we’re tackling these challenges by ensuring the investment opportunities on Maple can be accessed through a platform that is not only secure and easy-to-use, but does not charge transaction fees, so even investors with small deposits can see a return too.”