The appily ever after

Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day at Startups Magazine, and we’re taking the opportunity to rank the top 10 relationship apps for all aspects of your life, with all your connections.

From dating based on your star sign, to learning the secrets of a healthy relationship, this list of startups has something for everyone to explore on this worldwide celebration of love.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would have seen Thursday’s incredible disruptive marketing on social media, or in the streets of London. Thursday is a dating app with a twist. The app only opens its doors for match making on Thursdays, aiming to eliminate dating app fatigue and stop endless scrolling and make dating exciting, on Thursdays. The app is perfect for anyone looking for a little twist on original online dating. Thursday also hosts exclusive events in person, every Thursday.


Cobble pledge to be the virtual planner for all friendship groups. After downloading the app, all you must do is simply show up to a group situation. With 150 new ideas added weekly, Cobble takes control of your plans and makes all decisions for you, putting a stop to plans that lead to nowhere.


On a mission to improve the happiness of couple relationships, Paired aim to make it easier to build and maintain a happy relationship. It does so by prompting fun, meaningful conversations and providing couples the opportunity to learn the secrets of a great relationship by testing their areas of strength, and areas for growth. Paired also lets couples play games, including finding out who knows who best.


The plant-based movement is growing interest across the world, and Grazer is on a mission to unite and empower the community. Grazer is a matchmaking app for people who want their friends and romantic partner to be plant-lovers too.


Whether you’re a Leo, Scorpio or Aries, Hang5, an astrology-based matchmaking app, looks at the hour, day, month and year of birth to pair you with compatible users accordingly. The algorithm allows you to view your compatibility with friends and family.


Holding the belief that dating should be about who you are, not just what you look like, Blink is a voice-first speed dating app, building long lasting relationships. Blink’s two-part matching process relies on chemistry through conversation, and physical attraction.


Lex is a text-centred social app connecting queer, transgender and non-binary lovers and friends. Lex believes in having meaningful conversations before exchanging selfies, the opposite of how most other dating apps operate. Building a healthy, loving community is its main priority.


FITFCK is a fitness dating app, designed to connect like-minded gym lovers, with a vision to become much more. It provides a tailored solution for fitness enthusiasts, allowing them to search for a friendship, or relationship. Currently going through seed fundraising, FITFCK hopes to improve and develop the user experience of its app and become the most talked about fitness dating app.