AI and the metaverse are transforming creative marketing

With World Telecommunication and Information Day taking place today (17 May), and more and more brands recognising the potential of artificial intelligence, entrepreneur and marketing expert Pete Sayburn says that technological innovations are creating a new wave of creative marketing. With the rise of technological innovations, 2023 will see traditional marketing methods overturned, says marketing expert Pete Sayburn.

Sayburn is CEO of Studiospace, a marketing agency matchmaker and digital platform which connects independent businesses with major brands such as Google, Aviva and Jaguar Land Rover. Sayburn believes that AI and the metaverse are redefining how marketing campaigns are developed.

In recent months, AI has been at the forefront of conversations around technological innovation, with ChatGPT reinventing how content is being created.

“Generative AI is very definitely coming after any task that relies on accurately collecting and organising data – and by extension any job that has that at its core,” added Sayburn.

"Also, brands are now experimenting with the metaverse and dedicated agencies are enabling this to happen, so look out for more realistic experiences and even their first virtual products from mainstream brands,” Sayburn said.

“In November, for example, Adidas launched Originals, their first range for the metaverse and this was surely noted by its competitors. The brand owners and CMOs I know are all asking questions about AI, virtual reality and the next phase of tech.

“Things are hotting up, experiments and trials are taking place and we’ll see some big developments through 2023. I expect more hybrid experiences, enabling customers to drift in and out of physical and virtual environments."

Digital has long been on the rise, but recent innovations are disrupting the industry’s traditional way of doing business entirely, Sayburn said.

“At Studiospace, we are experimenting with OpenAI’s ChatGPT to help corporate clients easily create marketing briefs.

"Meanwhile, we know that brands are not just looking for agencies to create the front-end of the next generation of blockchain enabled products and services. 

"They are looking for deep Web3 expertise to build online experiences that integrate elegant front-end design with Web3 functionality.”

The upcoming Studiospace event ‘Studioverse: The Festival of Limitless Creativity’ will be held at London's OXO Tower on June 14.