About:Energy selected for Innovate UK Battery Tech Programme in South Korea

About:Energy, an innovator in battery development software, has been selected by Innovate UK as one of 14 companies to participate in the Global Business Innovation Programme (GBIP) in South Korea, an initiative to accelerate business growth globally and drive innovation for battery technology.

As part of the programme, Innovate UK brings together pioneering companies including About:Energy, focusing on battery development and technologies. The programme in South Korea will include identifying international partners for technology collaboration, and developing cross border innovation projects.

Home to three of the world's five biggest electric vehicle battery manufacturers who collectively oversee more than a quarter of the global EV battery market, South Korea offers significant opportunities for international collaboration to address shared challenges when it comes to battery development.

Kieran O’Regan, COO and Co-Founder of About:Energy has extensive experience in Korean batteries through his PhD at the University of Birmingham. He comments: “South Korean battery expertise has been at the heart of About:Energy’s technology development, after several years researching the performance of cells from LG Chem, subsequently open-sourcing data that has become widely used in industry and academia.”

The 12-month programme includes the opportunity to attend five days of activities in South Korea, which encompass visits to academic organisations and industry in Seoul and Ulsan. This includes a visit to the British Embassy and attendance at the Interbattery Exhibition.

About:Energy’s software platform, The Voltt, features advanced battery data and models to streamline development. It provides access to enable a faster adoption of cells and design systems using data from global suppliers, including LG Chem, Samsung, and other leading Korean manufacturers.

About:Energy has worked directly with Samsung and LG’s largest European automotive customers and many smaller companies to help them to solve challenges relating to battery pack design.

Kieran O'Regan commented: "We are committed to developing closer collaboration with manufacturers to further support the success of all of their customers”.

In addition to the GBIP, About:Energy will extend the trip to participate in extended conversations as part of the UK-APAC Tech Growth Programme, a government-backed initiative to help UK tech firms expand across the Asia Pacific region.

The UK-APAC programme focuses on de-risking and accelerating the growth of the battery sector and is coordinated by Intralink, an international business development and innovation consultancy specialising in Asia.

Inclusion in these initiatives signify the government’s recognition and support for About:Energy's commitment and software solution for the advancement in battery development.