67% of marketers look to AI to increase video content

More than two-thirds (67%) of marketers are looking at Artificial Intelligence to help improve the way they manage video assets, as brands struggle to cope with the increasing volume of content to fuel multichannel campaigns.

That’s according to an independent Censuswide poll of 200 decision makers in content development, planning, and strategy departments commissioned by Overcast HQ.

The study found that, in the last five years, video has leapt from the least to the most used content format in marketing campaigns, with an overall 71% increase in usage. More than half (55%) of respondents acknowledge its superior performance over imagery (30%) and text (14%) in marketing campaigns.

This in turn creates huge problems for 77% of brands, who have been unable to locate video content, leading to expensive re-shoots and wasted time.

Commenting on the findings, Philippe Brodeur, Founder and CEO of Overcast HQ, said: “It’s clear that video management has not kept pace with the huge volume of content being created by modern brands. It can feel like a huge obstacle, but we are at an exciting inflection point where brands across the globe will see the impact that AI combined with intelligent asset management solutions can have to overcome the biggest challenges they face.”

However, there remain barriers to overcome if brands are to adopt AI solutions in the near future. These include lack of budget (41%), lack of understanding of the opportunities it creates (37%), creative resistance (31%), and contractual positions with outside agencies (31%).”

George Kilpatrick, CRO of Overcast HQ, added: “Businesses are concerned about generative AI causing security and copywrite issues, hence the hesitation. But one thing is certain: human creativity is something that no machine will supersede. The one huge takeaway from this research is the opportunity for AI to optimise video content management, ensuring easy access to files for any party involved in its creation while ensuring all assets remain compliant.”

Overcast HQ works with brands including Diageo, Vodafone and Royal Opera House to take control of their video content with a suite of cloud solutions.

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