2023 tech & business predictions from Will Hale, monday.com

What will your 2023 have in store? Will Hale, Northern European Leader at monday.com shares his technology and business predictions to kick off the year.

Efficiency and effectivity 

In 2023 businesses will be looking to make the most of every opportunity they can extract. We have gone through a period when organisations looked to be as efficient as possible, but as we move forward, the focus is going to be on extracting every opportunity and enabling companies to be effective. This means finding the opportunities that, in a time of plenty, remain hidden away, empowering employees and looking to add as much value as possible. 

Automation can help enable this, removing the need to conduct laborious and time-consuming admin tasks that are unrewarding and impact how effective we can be for businesses and their clients. It will help nurture more motivated, productive and creative teams that can invest their energy into result-driven activities instead. The businesses that look to do this and shift their mindset towards being effective and not just efficient, will have more success than those just cutting costs.

Unlocking the power of knowledge

Previously, work management software has been thought of as a tool that is only relevant to project managers. But, this is changing. Consumerisation of software means it’s becoming visually appealing and easy for people to use with no tech background or experience. Working from home culture has acted as a catalyst in proving its ability to unlock greater knowledge across businesses - enhancing the ability to combat new challenges and customise solutions. 

As such, the use of this technology will continue to diversify in 2023. Whether you are in HR, content marketing, finance, brand consulting, or even manufacturing and engineering, businesses are seeing that the right tech tools can be more than just KPI trackers. They are innovation enablers, allowing businesses to do more with the resources they already have. 

Better opportunities for employees

Flexibility has already become a non-negotiable for many people, with this only set to intensify following the recent Government announcement. The rise of hybrid working - despite starting as a short-term solution amid lockdowns - has proven that it can promote greater productivity and a better work-life balance. Since flexibility like this continues to be one of the key benefits in job descriptions, next year will see companies looking to provide more opportunities for their employees to grow and work better. Leaders must ask themselves key questions such as - What do my teams endure? How can I help? What frameworks can the business put in place to support these changes? 

Tackling these questions takes a deeper understanding of how things like hybrid working, and streamlining processes can achieve a greater feeling of connectedness, trust and communication. With distributed teams, this approach will facilitate better collaboration and access to information across the whole organisation so that people can find what they need, when they need it, no matter when they log on and from where.