x+why launch whydesign for sustainable workspace design

Flexible workspace specialist x+why is launching a new in-house design division, whydesign, dedicated to crafting sustainable, aesthetically driven office environments.

whydesign aims to refine workspaces for businesses, tailoring them to align with specific brand and operational goals, whether situated in x+why’s own locations or through managed arrangements elsewhere. This initiative stands out for its integration of contemporary design principles with a commitment to ethical practices, catering to the increasing appetite for work environments that stimulate productivity while upholding sustainability values.

The bespoke services leveraged by x+why benefit from a design team’s collective expertise, having developed nearly 400,000 sq ft of notable spaces for prominent brands and landlords across the UK. This team excels in producing superior, sustainable workspaces, backed by an in-depth understanding of the sustainable and stylish space demands of modern businesses.

A notable example of whydesign's impact is its collaboration with Lloyds Banking Group on a 65,000 sq ft project at Foundry, x+why’s flexible workspace in Brindleyplace, Birmingham, which now accommodates 800 staff. This project exemplified sustainable redevelopment, transforming a previously deserted space into a vibrant, eco-conscious workplace. A significant aspect of this project was conducting an embodied carbon study to evaluate the carbon footprint of various design choices.

Adopting Nornorm’s pioneering circular furniture model among other sustainable practices, such as repurposing existing partitions, the project significantly minimised its carbon footprint to just 2.6 tCO2e. This achievement underscores the effectiveness of sustainable design practices.

The recent unveiling of The Kenrick, designed by whydesign and located at an x+why space, highlights the unique blend of style and sustainability that characterises their projects. Managed on behalf of The Rumi Foundation, this latest addition, boasting full occupancy upon opening, further expands x+why’s portfolio, now encompassing over 400,000 sq ft of green, flexible workspace.

As a B Corp certified entity, x+why champions a transformative approach to business space, advocating for environmentally responsible and socially conscious working environments. Their members not only gain access to high-caliber, sustainable offices but also join a vibrant community of forward-thinking companies.

Phil Nevin, Chief Creative Officer of x+why said: “We are thrilled to launch x+why’s latest offering with whydesign. The team at whydesign offer a holistic approach to the future of workspaces, providing environments that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also aligned with the principles of sustainability. whydesign helps support both existing members who might be scaling within or between our buildings and new members looking for design led and sustainable space.  

“We are delighted to see the impact that this approach has had for businesses such as Lloyds Banking Group who were looking for a bespoke, low carbon, flexible space, and most recently in the opening of our latest building, the Kenrick, Marylebone. The homely and stylish design of Kenrick really helped it stand out in the market for us to pre-sell 100% of the space. We see this as a great marker for historic stock, which from an environmental point of view we as a sector need to become expert at bringing back to life and making it relevant for today’s businesses.”

Wayne Nutland, Regional Portfolio Lead, Lloyds Banking Group, said: “whydesign delivered 65,000 sq ft of fully refurbished managed space for us on a very tight turn around and budget. The space not only looks great, it operates perfectly for our needs and all at a very low carbon cost thanks to x+why’s approach.”

Chris Turner, B Lab, said: “When we recently scaled up our team whydesign helped us move office within the same building, creating a new space that exactly fitted our business needs and reflected our brand.”

Alex Clegg, Saboteur, said: “We recently outgrew our space in an x+why, but x+why not only found us a new building to move to, whydesign then helped design and deliver the perfect balance of office space, collaboration areas, meeting rooms and zoom rooms for us, all with typical design flair and creating spaces that feel unique and like a home from home.”