Why branded merchandise should be part of onboarding

Ever walked into your new job on your first day, and instead of just receiving passwords, paperwork, and calendar invites, you're greeted with a comfy company hoodie, t-shirt, or a slick embroidered cap?

Or if you are a remote worker, had an unexpected delivery whilst you navigate through countless ‘Welcome’ messages?

Well, according to the custom merch experts at ICON Printing, this is more than just a cool gesture – it's a game-changer for companies looking to build happier, more engaged teams, increasing profitability by 21%.

The UK has been crowned the working from home capital in Europe, so now more than ever, businesses need more ways to integrate their hybrid or remote workforce.

Remarkably, 78% of businesses recruited in the final quarter of 2023 alone and with this in mind, Alex Econs, custom merch expert and Founder of ICON Printing shares three reasons why employee branded merch should be a crucial part of the onboarding process for all new employees:

  1. Brand advocacy

“When employees proudly wear or use promotional products, they become brand ambassadors inside and outside the workplace.

“Telling your brand story from the offset and equipping your team with branded merchandise empowers them to promote your business’ values and ethos, whilst helping new employees feel like an important part of the team, integrating into the culture from day one.

“This can encourage employees to feel proud to be part of the team and excited to represent your company wherever they go – creating a strong company culture that helps the team gear up for success.”

  1. Marketing magic

“When employees wear their branded gear outside of work, they naturally become walking billboards for the company.

“We’ve all seen those ‘day one gifts’ social media posts, especially on LinkedIn. This enables your business to reach new audiences, such as your new starters previous employer and colleagues who may not have previously heard of your company.

“Whether it’s a custom t-shirt, personalised hoodie or a  tote bag, it’s free advertising that reaches far beyond the office walls, spreading the word in an organic way.”

  1. Look good, feel good, do good

“It’s important to consider the all-round feel-good factor – looking good, feeling good and doing good not only has a positive impact on the employees, but your clients and customers will also benefit too.

“Creating a strong company culture and gearing your team up for success will portray a cohesive team that’s proud to represent their company and this will bode well to both existing and new clients and customers.”

Econs adds: “A positive onboarding process can boost employee morale, so we always suggest welcoming employees with custom merch to set the precedent and help them feel included from day one.

“If your business has multiple departments across different locations, this first step is a great way to ensure unity across the board and encourage employee engagement and boost motivation.”