Unlocking brand success: the power of an innovative web address

The global entrepreneurial spirit is booming, with over 3 million new businesses registered in the US alone in the first half of 2023.

While it is an impressive figure, on average, only 10% of startups end up taking root. Those that are fortunate enough to succeed know firsthand the importance of a strong brand identity. Get it wrong, and a brilliant idea can easily get lost. A powerful yet often overlooked solution that can help with that is an innovative web address.

The advent of new web addresses, denoted by combinations of letters after the dot (e.g., ‘.bio’, ‘.business’, or ‘.guru’), serves as a memorable and unique option for brands and individuals. While there’s nothing wrong with traditional domains, adopting a newer extension can truly enhance your online brand presence and even go beyond the traditional ‘Web.’ Companies such as Co.school, Cultural Currents Institute, and Levels.fyi are champions of creative domain names, and by working with registries – partners that handle the reservation of domain names like Identity Digital -, they showcase the impact of leveraging both sides of the dot.

Co.school: matching brand and domain names for increased memorability

Seeing the increasing social polarisation and lack of creative cooperation in modern society inspired Kevin Gilbert, the CEO of Co.school, to create a new platform. The key aim? Bringing people together to learn and develop creative skills.

One of the main challenges he encountered was finding a memorable web address that would clearly convey his message, drive engagement, and help him build the community he envisioned. According to Gilbert, ‘co.school’ managed to encapsulate the company’s mission of ‘learning to work together’ in just two words, and became its name, logo, and brand. Their story teaches how the right domain name can handily help hit three targets with one arrow and effectively achieve your set milestones.

Cultural currents institute: championing domain names for increased credibility

While memorability is fundamental for a strong brand strategy, picking the right domain can also reinforce a firm’s credibility and reputation.

To accomplish this in the public relations and digital marketing industry, Jack Carpenter - a PR veteran and founder of Cultural Currents Institute - strategically chose the agency’s domain name by opting for ‘culturalcurrents.institute’. According to Carpenter, ‘. Institute’ strongly reinforced the firm’s behavioral science and applied psychology expertise to their key audiences.

The remarkable results went beyond industry recognition - within a month of going live, the company’s domain authority surged by 31 points, and its website experienced a threefold increase in visitors, reaching over 25,000 in a single week. To top it off, all was achieved without incurring any additional costs on ads.

Levels.fyi: unique web address with a message to set your brand apart

In the search for a web address that captured their mission of promoting transparency in tech salaries and job levels, co-founders Zaheer Mohiuddin and Zuhayeer Musa went for Levels.fyi. It was a simple combination that now serves both as the company name and web address. Moreover, it effectively communicated the company’s purpose and set them apart from an array of traditional extensions, ensuring their website is memorable and easily shareable.

The emphasis on clarity and efficiency paid off. Five years after its launch Levels.fyi became the dominant source for tech job candidates seeking transparent and accurate salary information. As a testament to its success, it eventually attracted the attention of major industry players such as Amazon and Google.

Final thoughts

In the highly competitive world of entrepreneurship, founders must carefully consider every aspect of their business and brand to find what fits just right. Each element has to speak to the company’s mission, values and goals. If there’s one thing to remember - something as seemingly simple as choosing a domain name can be pivotal in establishing the strong foundation a business needs to thrive.