Q5D wins ‘Made Smarter Innovation’ grant from Innovate UK

Q5D, a developer of wire harness automation equipment for additive manufacturing, has been awarded £918,169 in grant funding to enhance the software powering its CY1000 wiring automation robot.

This grant, obtained in collaboration with the Manufacturing Technology Centre, an autonomous research body, and Emixa, a digital transformation leader and top Siemens Partner in Europe, aims to advance the robot's software development.

Introduced earlier, the CY1000 is a 5-axis CNC robotic system designed to automate electrical wiring and connections in various products, boasting productivity gains ranging from fivefold to tenfold. Its innovative 'Electrical Function Integration' technology allows for the elimination of costly, bulky, and unreliable wiring harnesses. This technology not only provides more design flexibility but also cuts manufacturing and supply chain expenses and risks. Additionally, the CY1000 enables precise application of polymers and conductive inks on intricately shaped surfaces.

The grant will support the next phase in software enhancement, which includes three critical software layers: machine control, user interface (UI), and CAD/CAM integration. Q5D manages the machine control and UI internally, while Emixa has developed post processors for Siemens NX CAD/CAM software, facilitating the creation of a digital twin for hardware simulation and the generation of necessary machine control code from CAD designs.

Although the software is operational and can be utilised by experienced CAD/CAM engineers, there is a need to streamline the design-to-manufacture process and make the user interfaces more accessible to a broader audience. The project, which extends until 31st December 2024, focuses on refining the software for broader deployment at the Manufacturing Technology Centre, supporting projects for end-user companies.