The new TikTok ‘What’s Next 2024 Trend Report’

As we go full steam ahead into 2024, we thought we’d do a quick dive into the ‘TikTok What’s Next 2024 Report’.

During 2023 TikTok had an audience of over one billion people visiting the platform, so it is interesting to understand a little about user behaviour and see the campaign formats and themes that stole the TikTok show. This will certainly provide a little food for thought for client campaigns and provide some post-holiday amusement too.

TikTok is keen to put the spotlight on what works well to help its communities further ignite and transform the mindsets and creative bravery of brands, creators, and its wider communities.

Sofia Hernandez, Global Head of Business Marketing for TikTok said: “In an era where storytelling has become predictable, TikTok showcases creativity without a typical beginning, middle or end. In 2024 we’re going to see the TikTok community build on this in ways we’ve never seen before. Fuelled by a blend of curiosity, imagination, vulnerability, and courage - creative bravery will be infused into our daily lives.”

The key trends that are identified fall into three categories: curiosity peaked, storytelling unhinged and bridging the trust gap. But what does this really mean for your content creation strategy?

Harness the power of discovery and curiosity

TikTok can be considered a search engine, where audiences are driven by a journey of discovery and according to TikTok, their curiosity is peaked ‘to attain the highest point of activity, development, or popularity” as they scroll and discover new perspectives, connected to their interests. Many users stumble across new attention-grabbing content and find communities that resonate with collected interests.

According to TikTok, users are 1.8x more likely to agree that TikTok introduces them to new topics they didn’t even know they liked (TikTok Marketing Science Global Entertaining Ads Study 2022, conducted by Marketcast).

Brands and creators need to find what their target audience is looking for, then create content that answers their questions, piques their curiosity, and leads them into a rabbit warren of connected perspectives. Hashtag research is important here as it unveils trending hashtags and reveals the preferences of the target audience. This step will propel content from the abyss of the unknown to your target audience’s ‘For You’ page. The TikTok report states the importance of hashtag research and reminds users about the discovery hashtags like #tiktoktaughtme or #newfinds to help people overcome analysis paralysis

Mash up the traditional storytelling structure (Storytelling Unhinged)

On TikTok, storytelling structures are turned upside down and inside out. It's not all about the beginning the middle and the end. To capture attention unpredictable approaches like an attention-grabbing clickbate hook, transitions, posing a question or movement can make people stop the scroll.

Non-playable characters, or NPCs, took TikTok by storm in 2023. Creator Nicki Loczek, is a good example and has been acting like a video game character on her TikTok page for two years. Her videos regularly get millions of views.

Another trend that TikTok creators are embracing is the ‘delulu is the solulu’, AKA embracing the fake it until you make your dreams come true. Courtney Johnson is one such content creator who shares her career and lifestyle tips, encouraging over 130,000 followers to fanaticise about their hopes, dreams and realities, these types of posts offer users a shared sanctuary from the pressures of everyday life. Communities are built around fandom cultures and narratives that are a mix of fantasy and manifestation. These trend forces as cited by TikTok evolve over time. There are so many different formats and themes that can be adapted creatively and authentically to reinforce brand values in a campaign.


Source: TikTok Creative Centre

Bridging the trust gap

Consumers like to understand how their chosen brands are really making a positive social impact. They want to have an experience that goes beyond that one-time transactional sale. Consumers are looking for authentic brand stories and expect to see them lead positive societal change and demonstrate transparency. Establishing clear brand trust and values is non-negotiable. On TikTok, brands have a direct line of communication with their consumers and community. It's important to always listen, evaluate and respond. So, what content formats could work for your brand? What hashtags might work for you? Check out the Trend Discovery Tool for popular hashtags on TikTok.

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