National Inclusion Week: Top Tips for Startups

In an increasingly interconnected and diverse world, the value of inclusivity cannot be overstated. It is the foundation that vibrant and thriving communities, organisations and societies are built.

National Inclusion Week, taking place this year from 25th September to 1st October, is an annual observance celebrated in many countries, and stands as a powerful testament to our collective commitment to fostering inclusivity, celebrating diversity, and nurturing a sense of belonging for all individuals.

National Inclusion Week is a great opportunity for startups to emphasise their commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Here are some tips to help startups make the most of this important week:

Set Clear Goals

Define your objectives for National Inclusion Week. What do you hope to achieve? Whether it's raising awareness, starting a conversation, or launching a specific initiative, having clear goals will guide your efforts.

Engage Leadership

Ensure that your leadership team actively supports and participates in National Inclusion Week. The involvement of leadership in National Inclusion Week sends a powerful message to customers and clients about the company’s commitment to DEI.

Educate Your Team

Provide resources and training sessions that help employees understand the importance of inclusion and diversity. Consider bringing in external experts to share insights and best practices, to improve the overall views on inclusion.

Highlight Employee Stories

Share stories from your own team members about their experiences with inclusion and diversity. Personal narratives can be powerful tools for creating empathy and understanding. Along with this idea, it is important to celebrate the diverse talent within your startup. You can feature employee profiles or spotlights on your website and social media to showcase the breadth of skills and backgrounds.

Promote Inclusive Policies

Use this week to highlight any inclusive policies your startup has in place. Make sure employees are aware of your anti-discrimination, harassment, and equal opportunity policies.

It’s also important on weeks like this to create safe spaces for employees to have open and honest conversations about inclusion and diversity. These discussions can lead to better understanding and the identification of areas for improvement within the business.

Take a look inwards

Use National Inclusion Week as an opportunity to gather feedback and assess the effectiveness of your own DEI efforts in your startup. This data can help you refine your strategy moving forward.

National Inclusion Week is a starting point, not an endpoint. Use the momentum generated during this week to kickstart ongoing DEI initiatives and maintain a long-term commitment to inclusion. Inclusion shouldn’t just be for a week a year, but should be at the forefront of your business all year round.

What’s next?

After National Inclusion Week, you must continue to communicate your commitment to inclusion and diversity, and regularly update your employees on progress and new initiatives.

Remember that inclusion and diversity efforts should not be limited to just one week a year. National Inclusion Week is an opportunity to kickstart ongoing initiatives, but true change comes from consistent effort and commitment throughout the year