How my 25-year journey battling dyslexia, ADHD, and autoimmune disease inspired wellbeing business, KAYLO

I don’t really like talking about myself, because Kaylo is about the community, not one person. But I do know that everyone has a story, and sharing our stories and hearing the stories of others is an important part of the healing journey.

As a child, I really struggled. I had (unknowingly at the time) severe dyslexia and ADHD, I was legally blind in one eye and found it difficult to read and speak. School was challenging to say the least - I got into a lot of trouble and teachers didn’t know what to do with me.

I luckily discovered a talent for skiing, which took me all the way to the Junior Olympics. It was an amazing time in my life – I was attuned to my body and, in turn, it was performing beautifully.

Until it wasn’t…

Suddenly at 19, due to personal trauma, my knee started giving out and I could barely walk. This marked the start of a health and healing journey that spanned over 20 years including eight major surgeries, two near-death experiences, the loss of three close friends and a debilitating battle with Epstein-Barr Virus.

I first fell seriously ill at 25. I was exhausted, and no one knew why. I was misdiagnosed by a leading US medical practice with alcohol-related liver damage and bipolar disorder - both of which made no sense for a number of reasons. I didn’t drink and I’d never experienced symptoms of bipolar. Despite this, they prescribed me Lithium, which sent me into a total depression.

My health journey didn't stop there. It was back and forth between the US, Canada, and the UK with medical and alternative treatments. After hours, days and years were spent seeking support from every kind of doctor, surgeon, therapist, and healer, I felt hopeless. I observed and experienced first-hand the gaps in the Western health system and the impact these were having on society as a whole. Mental illness and chronic disease were significantly on the rise in all age groups, yet healthcare remained fragmented and over-focused on treating symptoms rather than causes.

Feeling desperate and completely helpless, I realised I needed to take charge of my own healing if I wanted to build myself back to full health. Consciously choosing to become the ‘student’ rather than the ‘patient’, I made it my mission to empower myself with as much knowledge as needed to understand what was going on in my body and recover to full health. I delved deep into various healing systems from around the world, covering modern science, ancient wisdom, and natural medicine - all of which has now become my life’s study.

The knowledge I acquired over the course of 25 years transformed my health in the most miraculous, sustainable, and enriching of ways. Today I’m thriving - medication-free, energised, happy and balanced. My challenges prompted me to align my mind, body, emotions, spirit and heart so that everything worked coherently. My health was no longer hindering me, but helping me.

Even with access to the top doctors and surgeons in the world – a privilege I know many don't have – I still suffered for decades.

That’s why I started Kaylo.

I was determined to fast-track this journey for others, sharing everything I've learned and more. Giving people access to experts, doctors and healers they might otherwise never find or be able to afford.

Everyone has a beautifully unique life story, with ups, downs, challenges, and curveballs. My journey has taught me that healing is an inside job, but you can’t do it on your own. Which is why at Kaylo, we’re dedicated to guiding you through it.

Kaylo is a global online community that adopts an integrative, 360° whole health approach to healing and provides accessible, affordable and transformative content and courses from leading experts in health and wellbeing, which empower people to heal, transform and thrive - anywhere, anytime.

We collaborate with leading doctors, healers, and facilitators (from world-renowned Physician, Author and Global Speaker Gabor Mate, to prominent names in menopause, fertility, hormonal health, gut health, relationships, intimacy, sex, stress, burnout, performance, parenting and modern masculinity), and continue to build a community of like-minded people with the same view on health and wellbeing.

People who are looking for a different way to live – a better way, replacing fear and judgement with love, joy and fulfilment.

Together, we can heal ourselves and begin to heal this crazy world we’re living in. Kaylo aims to empower individuals to live happier, healthier, liberated lives. We’re committed to healing, learning, and growing together.