French startup wins Global EdTech Startup Award at Bett UK

NOLEJ, a French EdTech startup, clinched the coveted GESA Global EdTech Startup Award at the BETT show in London, outshining over 7,000 startups from 134 countries.

The compelling stage presentation by its co-founder and CPO, Nejma Belkhdim, was a key factor in NOLEJ's triumph. Building on its initial success, NOLEJ is now leading the way in Europe with its application of generative AI in education. This award reflects NOLEJ's dedication to revolutionising education, providing teachers and instructional designers with Ethical Generative AI tools.

Vincent Favrat, CEO at NOLEJ, expressed his excitement: "We're thrilled to be recognised by the global Edtech Community of the GESAwards. This achievement is a clear indicator of the relevance and urgency of our mission to transform learning experiences globally."

NOLEJ AI aims to redefine the future of education by overcoming the constraints of traditional educational models. Its flagship product, NOLEJ AI, enables educators to quickly convert static educational materials into interactive courses with 15 different interactives, seamlessly integrated into their workflow. What previously took up to 50 hours to create an hour of interactive lesson can now be accomplished in minutes. The impact of such active learning modules is remarkable, showing an 85% increase in completion rates and a 75% boost in memorisation.

Nejma Belkhdim, Co-Founder and CPO, highlights the impact of NOLEJ AI: "NOLEJ AI democratises the creation of interactive courses, opening a new era of active, adaptive and inclusive learning. Our vision is to empower educators in class and beyond thanks to the combined power of cognitive science, pedagogy and AI."