Forest new bike design to celebrate partnership with The Great Reserve

As Forest concludes its 'River Bike' initiative with The Rivers Trust, the company is embarking on a new chapter by reimagining its fleet of blue bicycles. To commemorate the natural environment, they are unveiling a bike design inspired by Planet Earth.

The 'River Bike' project, launched in August 2023, successfully raised over £30,000 for The Rivers Trust's 'River Buffers' campaign, doubling the initially anticipated donation of £15,000. This achievement was made possible by the enthusiastic response from users to the 'River Bike' during the partnership, aiding in the creation of wildlife corridors along UK rivers.

With the partnership with The Rivers Trust now at an end, Forest is merging the blue bikes with its original green fleet in a manner that is both cost-effective and energy-efficient. The blue bikes, acquired second-hand yet new from another e-bike provider upon Greenly's advice—Forest's sustainability partner—were chosen to minimise the company's Scope 3 emissions by avoiding the need for new e-bikes directly from manufacturers.

The new design reflects Forest's core commitment to enhancing air quality and supporting the planet's future. It showcases global landmasses and emphasises forests worldwide, drawing riders' attention to a specific Forest in Abergavenny, Wales. Here, Forest has planted a Giant Sequoia Tree Grove within The Great Reserve, a project aimed at conserving the Giant Sequoia species, which is listed as endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

As detailed in Forest's recent Sustainability Report, the company is collaborating with The Great Reserve to offset its Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, excluding the emissions saved by purchasing second-hand bikes.

Laura Elms, Forest’s Head of Sustainability, said: “It has been fantastic to see what our River Bikes have achieved. Not only has our donation made a lasting impact on the UK’s rivers, it’s connected our riders with our sustainability mission.

As a business, we don’t claim to be solving the world’s climate issues but we do believe we can run our company in a way that is aligned with a greener future for our planet.

We take proactive steps to reduce our impact and where we still have emissions we work with offsetting organisations and other charities that are UK based and which we can visit first hand. With this in mind, it’s a pleasure to launch our partnership with The Great Reserve and use our offsets to help grow a real forest! And what better way to bring this to life than on the bike itself with our new planet inspired design!” 

Alex Adam, Deputy Director Strategy & Stewardship at The Rivers Trust, said: "Creating a network of wildlife corridors and making space for water along all our rivers can push harmful activities away from riverbanks, making space for restoration to the water and the land itself. These natural solutions help reduce pollution, improve water quality, and offer new spaces for nature to thrive. We know they are an essential tool for tackling the climate and biodiversity crises, which is why we’re so thankful for the support from the Forest team and the funds raised through their River Bikes to support this campaign.”

Henry Emson, Founder of The Great Reserve, said: “We are delighted to be working with Forest Bike to create their very own Giant Sequoia Grove within The Great Reserve.  Giant Sequoias can live for as much as 3500 years, and are the largest trees on the planet.  When the Forest team rolled up their sleeves and came to plant their trees they started a carbon legacy that is both critical for this endangered species as well as creating a carbon lock up that will endure for a millenia or more - vital attributes of carbon offsetting being both ultra durable and purposeful.”