Flight Fund announces partnership with Seedrs

Flight Fund has partnered with Seedrs to help democratise access to private investing by allowing eligible investors to invest in Flight Fund.

Launched by entrepreneur, investor, and author Steven Bartlett, the fund is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of European unicorns by providing more than just financial backing.

At the heart of Flight Fund’s operations lies a commitment to empowering exceptional founders. Recognising the crucial role of guidance and resources beyond capital, the fund aims to foster an environment where talented entrepreneurs can thrive. Steven, known for his influential podcast ‘The Diary of a CEO’ and his leadership at The Flight Group, brings a wealth of experience and a unique ecosystem to the table, making Flight Fund a highly sought-after partner for private companies poised for exponential growth.

In an exciting development, Flight Fund has announced a partnership with Seedrs, a leading platform for online investing. This collaboration aims to democratise access to private equity investments, allowing eligible investors to participate in the journey of backing promising startups. By opening the doors to a broader investor base, Flight Fund is breaking down traditional barriers to investment and inviting industry professionals and enthusiasts to be part of shaping the future.

With a keen focus on sectors poised for transformative impact, Flight Fund invests in biotech, health and wellbeing, commerce, technology, blockchain, and space. The fund's portfolio boasts high-conviction companies such as SpaceX, ZOE, Huel, Whoop, and Until, highlighting its ability to identify and support ventures with significant potential.

Since its inception in January 2023, Flight Fund has set forth on a mission to accelerate the emergence of European unicorns. The fund's approach, centred on supporting founders with comprehensive resources and tapping into Steven’s unique private network, positions it as a potential leader in the private equity space. Flight Fund's ambition extends beyond financial returns; it aims to catalyse positive change and innovation across industries, shaping a better future for all.