Fintech Nuke From Orbit raises £500k pre-seed funding to deliver smarter smartphone security

Nuke From Orbit, a UK-based fintech startup, has successfully raised £500,000 in a pre-seed funding round to launch its product. The company, which seeks to transform mobile security, has drawn attention from prominent investors for its novel method of safeguarding financial accounts and personally identifiable information (PII).

The investment was contributed by several UK-based firms and individuals, including Oliver Bridgen, Co-Founder & COO of Ballinger Group, a specialist FX broker, and Jordan Hallows, the founder of Wey Bridging Finance.

With mobile phone theft on the rise, reported at a frequency of one every six minutes in London, the loss of a smartphone transcends the physical device, posing significant risks due to the sensitive data it contains. The potential for financial and reputational harm following unauthorized access is considerable. Nuke From Orbit addresses this growing concern by offering a solution that instantly invalidates stolen data. This service allows for the immediate cancellation of bank cards, securing of digital accounts (such as banking apps, email, digital wallets, and social media), and blocking of the device's SIM with a single action.

‘‘We are thrilled for the support from our investors who believe in our mission to safeguard mobile data. This investment is not just a financial boost, but a propelling force that will catapult us towards expanding our partner base as we gear up to launch our dynamic partner portal.

‘‘Our focus is clear: we're on a mission to halt cybercriminals in their tracks, ensuring that people's invaluable data remains secure and out of reach from prying eyes. While this monumental task has only been partially tackled before, with the backing of our investors, we're now in a power-packed position to turn this ambition into reality.

‘‘We're not just aiming to disrupt the mobile security market, but we're on a journey to redefine it. A huge thank you to our investors for believing in us and supporting us as we embark on this exciting adventure," said James O’Sullivan, CEO and founder of Nuke From Orbit.

Lead investor Bridgen added, “The knock-on effects of mobile phone theft is a huge problem that no one has adequately got to grips with. After analysing the size of the addressable market, I was confident to support Nuke From Orbit's mission to combat the growing threat of cyber and financial crimes.”

Nuke From Orbit will partner with financial, telecommunications, social media, De-Fi and other technology providers who give users access to platforms through mobile applications and interfaces.

The company will use the funding to prepare the technology for public beta testing in the UK market in late 2024 and expand the team to bring partners on board. Subsequently, Nuke From Orbit plans to take the service global, prioritising countries with high smartphone adoption, higher crime rates and strong traction in modern financial services such as Open Banking.