Doublepoint at CES 2024

At CES 2024, Startups Magazine's Anna Wood met with Doublepoint, a startup making significant strides in the field of touch interface technology.

After spending over three years in development, the company emerged in May 2023, having created a software platform that facilitates intuitive, zero learning-curve gesture recognition. This platform is designed specifically for a variety of Google Android-based hardware devices, including those used in Augmented Reality and consumer electronics.

DoublePoint's advanced machine learning algorithm is a key component of its technology, capable of detecting touch-based micro gestures, such as pinching and surface interactions, as well as ray-casting. This is achieved using standard smartwatch sensors and minimal processing power from the embedded CPU. This approach allows for the measurement of hand position and movement in devices through various means, including wristbands, rings, and sensors.

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