Day Break at CES 2024

At CES 2024, Startups Magazine’s Anna Wood speaks to Day Break's Masayuki Kinoshita about their mission to help the food crisis by making a fridge which keeps food fresher for longer.

Day Break, a forward-thinking startup, is carving a niche in the food industry with its mission to connect producers and consumers in a sustainable and innovative way. Addressing critical issues like labour shortages, food loss, and freshness preservation, Day Break's central focus is on changing the way we think about frozen food.

At the heart of Day Break's innovation is the 'Art Lock Freezer', a self-developed technology that maintains the quality and freshness of various food types.

Day Break differentiates itself in a competitive market with its patented technology, including a unique micro wind system. This innovation has received positive customer feedback, indicating that the quality of food preserved in their freezers surpasses others on the market.

Looking ahead, Day Break's goals remain to deliver the same quality of food from the producer to the consumer without unnecessary intermediaries or processing.

The company's approach to tackling the food loss issue and food crisis by extending shelf life without additives or preservatives is a significant step towards a more sustainable and efficient food industry.