Brand Champions event for a more inclusive world

March is renowned not only for International Women's Day but also as Women's History Month, the commencement of Ramadan, and the arrival of Spring. While International Women's Day spans just a single day, the momentum for action should be relentless.

In alignment with this ethos, Brand Champions, renowned for cultivating exceptional diverse teams and campaigns, are orchestrating a pioneering event. Instead of aligning their initiative with International Women's Day, they have chosen the first day of Spring, the 20th of March. This date symbolises the onset of continuous efforts that extend beyond a single day, underscoring the ongoing commitment required throughout the year.

“As we go beyond the #InspireInclusion theme of this year's International Women's Day, we're excited to gather under one stylish roof to explore how we can weave inclusivity into the essence of brand building”, says Fiona Wylie, Founder of Brand Champions. “This isn't just an event; it's a movement towards making a tangible difference in 2024 and beyond, with every attendee playing a crucial role in this journey”.

The event, which is free to attend, will bring together inspirational leaders from across the Travel, Women’s Health and other sectors. Guests will enjoy a delicious lunch, incredible keynote speakers, take part in captivating workshops and will take home a beautifully curated goody bag gifted by a diverse mix of brands.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Ollie Shayer: As the Omni-Media Director at Boots UK, Ollie has revolutionised retail and consumer media across continents. His journey, marked by transformative roles at ECCO,, Sainsbury's, Nestlé, and Diageo, underpins his talk on leveraging media for inclusivity. His recognition as NewDigitalAge's Brand Hero 2023 and top rank on Performance Media World's Power List 100 underscores his influential voice in the media landscape.
  • Ruby Waut: The CEO & Founder of WUKA, Ruby's pioneering work in creating fully leak-proof, reusable period underwear has set new standards in sustainability and women's empowerment. With WUKA's success, evidenced by the Queen's Award for Enterprise and the Great British Entrepreneur Awards, Ruby's insights into building a B-Corp Certified brand that champions inclusivity and environmental consciousness are invaluable.
  • Ally Owen: The founder of Brixton Finishing School and the ADcademy program, Ally's mission to diversify the talent pool in the creative industry has reshaped futures. Her initiatives, aimed at addressing the challenges posed by COVID-19 to young people and women over 45, reflect a commitment to creating equitable opportunities. Her accolades, including Changemaker 2023 and Media Leader 2022, speak to her impact on the industry.
  • Lizzy Hall MBE: Lizzy's journey from marketing director to the founder of The Hygiene Bank highlights the transformative power of personal experience. Her work addressing hygiene poverty in the UK demonstrates the profound difference one person can make, making her story a compelling narrative of resilience and social entrepreneurship.

Engaging Activities Designed to Empower

  • Brand analysis and storytelling workshops
  • Brand alignment and advocacy
  • Creative campaign ideation
  • Brand partnerships

"Championing Conversations with Brand Champions" is more than just an event; it's a stepping stone towards a more inclusive world.