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Women's Business Virtual Conference

Women's Business Club Uk
  • Date
    Tuesday,14 Dec
  • Location
  • Time
    09:00 AM
  • Price
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Join us for a virtual business conference in 5 countries over 2 days with thousands of businesswomen and exhibitors.

Global event coming to a screen near you!

48 hours of continuous streaming across all time zones

We have exciting news! 🤩 The December Women's Business Conference is ready for you, one large global event on our brand new interactive 3D virtual networking and exhibition platform.

This means that we can get your business in front of a massive audience - we are aiming for thousands of delegates from across the globe, it's going to be the biggest global event for women that we know of.

Our partner event marketing company has an extended reach of over 3 million businesses! I am excited to see what they will do with us too.

In-person meetups

If that is not enough, we are still holding in-person meetups across the globe so women can engage with the event and network in person. It's all going to be amazing. If you would like to host an in-person event on 14th or 15th December please apply here

To summarise your £25 ticket offers you:

🔗 Access to networking rooms in any time zone

🎤 Access to 25 speakers in any time zone

🚩 Access to 250 exhibitors in any time zone

👗 Access to a live broadcasted fashion show

🐉 Access to a live broadcasted Dragoness' Den


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