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Women & Money: Empowering Women Financially

Women of Wearables
  • Date
    Thursday,05 Dec
  • Location
    Clerkenwell Workshops, Club Workspace, 31 Clerkenwell Close, London, EC1R 0AT
  • Time
    06:30 PM
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Join us for an evening of learning, sharing, connecting and discussing how to empower women financially!

Empowered women empower women. And we brought three amazing money experts to equip you with knowledge and confidence about all things money.

Next time when you go to a meeting with your investor, we want you to be your most confident self, talking about business and the numbers behind it. Next time when you’re not promoted or offered a pay rise, we want you to know how to start a conversation with your boss around money, know your worth and ask for it. Next time when you’re not paid on time because someone thinks that freelance work is a free work, we want you to be comfortable taking a stand for yourself. Next time when you find yourself broke, we want you to know that you can start over and we want to help you to learn how to manage your finances better.

So, this event is for you. Because all of us are managing money on a daily basis in some way. It’s time we learn how to talk about, how to manage it, how to save it, invest it, raise it, earn it.

We will be discussing:

  • The confidence gap: How to be confident when talking about money and investment
  • Financial coach: Do we all need one?
  • Gender pay gap: How to know your worth, stand up for yourself and ask for a raise
  • Invest in yourself: How to manage your personal finances better
  • Financial wellbeing: Dealing with debt and financial anxiety
  • Investing for impact: How can we make meaningful money decisions?


Emilie Bellet, Founder and CEO of Vestpod

Emilie Bellet is the founder and CEO of Vestpod. Emilie started her career at Lehman Brothers where she worked in private equity. She was part of the spin-off team that became Trilantic Capital Partners. After 7 years she went on to launch a first tech recruitment business. Reflecting on her years working in finance, she realized she was not saving or investing enough and could not find the support to do so. She then decided to launch Vestpod for women - as a way to provide education and a community for women to start breaking the taboo around money. Vestpod is a digital platform with a popular weekly newsletter as well as personal finance workshops and networking events. Featured on BBC, Financial Times, Stylist, Monocle, Courier, Sheerluxe, Vestpod has been shortlisted for the 2018 Women in Finance awards as Disruptor of the Year; and I have been writing “You’re not broke, you’re pre-rich” that will be published in May 2019. Emilie is a finalist in the 2018 Women in Finance Awards for Disruptor of the year and is a co-author the WealthTECH book.

Claire Sweet, money coach and expert

When Claire Sweet was in her training year as a pharmacist, she wasn’t earning much. It was her first job after leaving university, and saddled with a maxed out credit card and student loan, she had just a £2.50 supermarket reward voucher for the weekly grocery shop. She vowed never to get in that situation again. When her mum sadly passed away six weeks before her 60th birthday, Claire, who was in her 30’s, realised she needed to change her life. She left her career of 17 years, retrained as a Mortgage and Protection Adviser and ended her marriage. Despite being a single parent at the time, branching out by herself and starting her own business, gave her the flexibility she craved to also be there for her young children. Over the years, her business has grown from strength to strength and it’s a testament to Claire that she still has some of the same clients that she had 11 years ago. She has also gone on to win several business awards including Best Business Awards (Best Woman in Financial Services) 2018, Shining Star Award 2018 (Mums Unlimited) and Customer Service Award (2017) at the Canterbury Business Awards. Now a trained Financial Adviser, Claire firmly believes that with advice and guidance it’s possible for anyone to balance today’s needs with tomorrow’s dreams. Money coaching allows her to work with women to get their finances sorted.

Melanie Palmer, Chief Marketing Officer at Nucoro

Melanie is a CMO at Nucoro, Wealth Management as a Service. Melanie has spent the majority of her career in financial services, working across both corporate and startup environments. She has extensive experience bringing startups to market having launched new products in the Wealthtech and Insurtech sectors. Having realised that a lot of women struggle to take advantage of the long-term benefits of investing due to a number of factors including the industry feeling very "opaque", feeling condescended to by advisors and also due to lacking confidence in their decisions, it became her mission to show women how getting started is the hardest part and that it’s not as complex as it seems.


  • 6.00 - 6.30 - Registration and networking
  • 6.30 - 6.35 - Women of Wearables - 5 minute presentation
  • 6:35 - 6:40 - Workspace - 5 min presentation
  • 6.40 - 8.00 - Panel discussion + Q&A
  • 8.00 - 9.00 - Refreshments and networking